[RUMOUR] Ice Cream Sandwich fot GT-I900x series … confirmed … is it?

Rumour has it… that Polish branch of Samsung confirmed in an email respond that there will be 4.x (Ice Cream Sandwich) update for all devices from early Galaxy series, that is GT-I9000, GT-I9001 & GT-I9003, yet due to hardware limitations(sic!) it will have a light version of TouchWizz interface of unspecified version (TW4 light?). Of course no ETA for that.

It is hard to believe in such premature leaks of information that in addition are not in Korean :) or without at least screenshot of such email (and none is provided). But adding the XXJVU firmware leak that looks like an early attempt to ‘catch up’ with ‘Ice Cream Sandwich’ apps/extended functions to the equation and keeping in memory the Korean post Christmas leaks of information also mentioning ‘Ice Cream Sandwich’ light … it might in fact be true.

I would not expect Samsung to make any big announcement about it any time soon or ever. First Gingerbread JV1 leaked at the end of February while GT-I9000 was still their main device, yet GT-I9100 was heavy developed, and i think first mentions about N7000 were surfacing. At the moment we have first leaked ‘Ice Cream Sandwich’ firmwares for GT-I9100, N7000 ICS is said to leak in upcoming days, add this subtract that divided by seven and i think that it will be end Q1’2012 when we will see first GT-I9000 Samsung 4.0.x builds … any premature leaks are welcome.

Of course time will show if my assumptions were correct, hope to get some data from CES because i am really tired of all those uncertainties and ambiguities. HOT POTATO Samsung: GT-I9000 ‘Ice Cream Sandwich’ yes or no?



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