Regarding site issues during last weekend

27th July morning we have had a major server hdd issue – recovery works were performed till 29th.

29th July afternoon we have have started the process of re-adding all firmwares to the database and restored last full backup of the site (till 14th July) so 2012/07/14 till 2012/07/31 ‘news’ are lost. Firmware files will be fully recovered.

We should be fully ‘back on track’ friday or weekend top. Thanks for Your patience.

August 3rd UPDATE: 100% restore might end Monday or Tuesday (06th or 07th August) due to server works during last week, yet – what is obvious, every hour closer to that date You will see less firmwares missing.

August 7th UPDATE: 100% restore is scheduled to end within next 72 hours.

Once again, Thanks for Your patience.

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