Pocket-lint: Samsung DA-E750 dock pictures and ears-on, again

The Samsung DA-E750 is a premium dock from the Korean company that sees a move from what you’d typically associate with Samsung. It was announced at CES 2012 and we’ve seen it previously, but we now have a price for it too, so thought we’d take a second look.

We caught up with the DA-E750 at a John Lewis showcase, so we can only assume that it will be landing shelves soon. We’ve not seen official confirmation on price, although a Samsung spokesperson floated the £600 figure past us. However, it’s currently listed at Argos for £502.99, so that looks like the magic number.

It isn’t constructed from black plastic as many such docks are, instead finding itself wrapped in beautifully polished mahogany, with subtle grain detail (black is also available). It not only looks stunning, but it feels solid when you touch and move it around.

The actual dock arm is retractable, popping out of the rear of the unit, so you can tidy things up and hide it away when not in use. The docking arm also features both the Apple dock and a standard Micro-USB, so this has been designed to accommodate both iPhone and Android devices.

Apple are consistent in connection placement, but Android devices could connect anywhere (top, side, etc.), so you might have a lop-sided phone. The Samsung Galaxy S III (or the S II, pictured) both have central Micro-USB placement, so suit the dock well.

The dock is also equipped to cater for your wireless connections, with controls on the neat touchpad on the right-hand side. You can use Bluetooth, AirPlay or AllShare, and there are physical inputs on the rear for more traditional connections. A remote is supplied, although we didn’t get to play with it.

We didn’t have long to listen to the DA-E750, but the music we did sample was wonderfully rich and warm, which you’d expect from a dock of this stature.

The vacuum tube amplifier in this 2.1 system is paired with 20W glass fibre front-firing speakers; the base of the dock houses a sizable subwoofer putting some clout into bass lines.

All in all, an impressive sounding dock, giving you a docking option if you want something a little more towards the premium end of things, but also offering flexibility in the devices you can dock.

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