Patent Bolt: Samsung Wins a Design Patent for One of their Galaxy Phones

Earlier this week, the US Patent & Trademark Office officially granted Samsung a design patent for one of their Galaxy smartphones. On the face, the smartphone could either be a Galaxy SIII or Note II design. Yet where the design veers off course is when it reveals its backside design. Either this is a future Galaxy family design or one that Samsung passed on, as it presents a much fuller contoured backside design.

Side and Back Views of the Granted Samsung Design

Not being an expert on Galaxy smartphone designs from Samsung, I spent a great amount of time on their site and on Google image pages trying to hunt down a Galaxy design with the matching back and side attributes and couldn’t find one. Is it a future Galaxy design? Is it a design that they simply passed on? Or is it another brand that I’m just not familiar with?

If there’s a Samsung fan out there that could shed some light on this design, perhaps you could send us your feedback in our comments area below.

Samsung’s patent application for this design was made in February 2012 and granted this week by the US Patent Office under number D672,739.


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