Patent Bolt: Samsung invents crazy roly-poly mobile docking device

The US Patent & Trademark Office recently published a Samsung patent revealing a crazy roly-poly mobile docking device that is designed to stand a smartphone or mini tablet at various angles to suit a user’s eyes for viewing photos, managing email or viewing a movie or television show comfortably.

Samsung’s Invents a Roly-Poly Mobile Docking Device

Samsung’s patent FIG. 4 is a view illustrating a slope unit provided to a stand device. The weight member 223 may have a shape that allows the weight member to slide or roll (for example, a sphere, a cylinder, etc.). The stand may further have at least one groove 224 for restraining movement of the weight member in order to adjust a degree of being tilted step by step at the curved portion; FIG. 6 is a view illustrating a stand device, having a mobile terminal thereon, tilted in a particular stage depending on the position of a weight member

Samsung’s patent application ‘542 was originally filed under serial number 433826 in Q2 2012 in the US and Q2 2011 in Korea.


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