Patent Bolt: Samsung invents air-gesturing controls for tablets & beyond

A recently published Samsung patent application has revealed a new air-gesturing invention that could supplement or eliminate the need to actually touch a display in order to control its functionality.

When using Samsung’s air-gesturing techniques in conjunction with a Samsung HDTV, for example, the idea is to simply eliminate the need for a physical remote controller.

In the case with tablet computers, the user will have the option of turning on air-gesture functionality full time or for specific applications that the user assigns them to.

Samsung’s air-gesturing capabilities are made possible by utilizing a specialized camera or multiple cameras that incorporate ultrasonic signals and/or specialized motion sensors. The signals and/or sensors are able to create a virtual screen area well above the surface of the tablet display as clearly illustrated in our cover graphic.

In this virtual area, the user will be able to specifically use gestures to control the turning of an ebook page, to scroll up or down webpages and even control a cursor that’s on your air-gesture ready desktop computer – without ever touching the display.

We first covered this concept back in June 2010 by presenting famed Minority Report designer John Underkoffler, who was at TED revealing his new UI called the “g-speak – Spatial Operating Environment.” We also covered Microsoft’s vision of this very same concept just last week.

Obviously this is a trend that engineers from several tech companies are feverishly working on in order to be the first to deliver such a new feature that will capture the imagination of consumers who are always on the hunt for the Next Great Thing.

Samsung’s patent application was originally filed under serial number 451764 in Q2 2012 in the US and in Q2 2011 in Korea.

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