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Device Name
OS Version
Build Date
Galaxy S5 (SM-G900M)SM-G900MCOON/aG900MUBU1ANCEAndroid4. Download File
Galaxy S5 (SM-G900M)SM-G900MUPOUruguayG900MUBU1ANCEAndroid4. Download File
Galaxy S4 Mini LTEGT-I9195SEBBalticI9195XXUBNB3Android4. Download File
Galaxy S5 (Exynos Octa)SM-G900HCELIsrael (cellcom)G900HXXU1ANCIAndroid4. Download File
Galaxy S 3 (International)GT-I9300JEDSaudi arabia (jed)I9300XXUGNB6Android4.325.02.20142454463Unlock Download File
Galaxy S 3 (International)GT-I9300ECTNigeriaI9300XXUGNB6Android4.325.02.20142454463Unlock Download File
Galaxy S5 (Exynos Octa)SM-G900HDKRN/aG900HXXU1ANCIAndroid4. Download File
Galaxy S5 (Exynos Octa)SM-G900HACRN/aG900HXXU1ANCIAndroid4. Download File
Galaxy S 3 (International)GT-I9300KSASaudi arabiaI9300XXUGNB6Android4.325.02.20142454463Unlock Download File
Galaxy S4 Mini LTEGT-I9195NEEFinlandI9195XXUBNB3Android4. Download File
Galaxy S 4 (Snapdragon)GT-I9505XSKSlovakiaI9505XXUFNB9Android4. Download File
Galaxy S5 (Snapdragon)SM-G900FNZCNew zelandG900FXXU1ANCEAndroid4. Download File

SAMMY Hub: Samsung Array (SPH-M390) QWERTY slider phone for Sprint


Samsung has listed Array (SPH-M390), a slider phone with full QWERTY keyboard for Sprint on their website. The phone is a rebadged version of Virgin Mobile’s Montage and comes with a similar feature set like 480MHz Qualcomm processor, 2MP camera, music player, Bluetooth, microSD card slot and 1000mAh battery. There’s no word on the price […]

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Galaxy Note 10.1 / Wi-fi in Korea (SHW-M480K, SHW-M480S, SHW-M480W, SHW-M485W)


Awaiting the official device reveal we summed up the publicly aviable info regaarding Galaxy Note 10.1 and Galaxy Note 10.1 Wifi for Korea, as You always see other device names there, we decided to make small roundup of information on those devices to give You a little bit of info prior official launch. We do […]

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Droid Life: Samsung Upgrade wants to give You money for that old phone,
as long as You’re upgrading to Samsung (USA)


Since our poll yesterday showed that many of you have upgraded recently to the Verizon version of the Samsung Galaxy SIII you might be interested in this bit of news. Samsung took to their Facebook page to announce Samsung Upgrade, a service that will give you a few dollars for sending in your old phone […]

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Updated: What do we know about GT-N8000, GT-N8005, GT-N8010 & GT-N8013,
where is Galaxy Note II ?


As Samsung disclosed to Reuters August 3rd, 2012 “the next Galaxy Note” will be unveiled at Samsung Mobile Unpacked 2012 – Episode II. No word about Galaxy Note II, no clarification tablet or phone. So we decided to dig up and gather every information we could find. We have Galaxy Note 10.1 (

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EE|Times: Does Samsung deal leave CSR out in the cold?


The recently announced CSR-Samsung deal, under which Samsung Electronics will acquire CSR’s handset connectivity/location development operations and its technology, was an easy sell to the financial community. Everyone loved it. After all, the British chip company, which originally made its name in Bluetooth chips, was losing ground in smartphones to bigger rivals who were combining […]

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SGH-T159 a flip-phone for T-Mobile


Samsung today revealed details of the T159, an entry-level flip phone for T-Mobile. According to Samsung’s web site, the T159 runs on the bada platform. Bada is Samsung’s Linux-based, home-grown smartphone platform, but the T159 uses a simple user interface overlay rather than the native bada one. Beyond bada, the T159 offers dual displays, a […]

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Sprint: payLo by Virgin Mobile and Samsung Mobile Launch New Samsung Entro and Samsung Montage Mobile Phones


payLo by Virgin Mobile and Samsung Telecommunications America (Samsung Mobile), the No. 1 mobile phone provider in the United States and the No. 1 smartphone provider worldwide1, prove once again that mobile devices for budget-conscious consumers who mainly talk and text can still be affordable, reliable, well-designed – and available without a contract. Approximately 149 […]

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YONHAP NEWS AGENCY: Samsung to release new Galaxy Note in Hong Kong next week


Samsung Electronics Co. said Friday it will release the new Galaxy Note, the hybrid product between a smartphone and a tablet, next week in Hong Kong, hoping to grab the attention of tech-savvy consumers here. The South Korean tech giant introduced in November its first Galaxy Note, which combines the strength of a smartphone with […]

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