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Device Name
OS Version
Build Date
Galaxy Note 8.0 LTEGT-N5120AUTSwitzerlandN5120XXDNE4Android4. Download File
Galaxy Note 8.0 LTEGT-N5120TPHPortugalN5120XXDNE4Android4. Download File
Galaxy Tab PRO 10.1SM-T520AUTSwitzerlandT520XXUANF4Android4. Download File
SM-G130HSM-G130HXSEIndonesiaG130HXXU0ANG2Android4. Download File
SM-G130HSM-G130HXFESouth africaG130HXXU0ANG3Android4. Download File
SM-G130HSM-G130HTUNTunisiaG130HXXU0ANG3Android4. Download File
SM-G130HSM-G130HKSASaudi arabiaG130HXXU0ANG3Android4. Download File
Galaxy Note 2 (International)GT-N7100SEKUkraine (kyivstar)N7100XXUFNE1Android4. Download File
Galaxy Note 2 (International)GT-N7100RTLN/aN7100XXUFNE1Android4. Download File
Galaxy Tab PRO 10.1SM-T520NZCNew zelandT520XXUANG1Android4. Download File
Galaxy Tab PRO 10.1SM-T520SEESouth east europeT520XXUANF4Android4. Download File
Galaxy Fame DUOSGT-S6812BZTRN/aS6812BVJANE1Android4. Download File

AppleInsider: Samsung says it will review 250 suppliers for labor violations


Samsung has said it will investigate 250 Chinese manufacturing partners after a third-party audit found the use of child labor. The U.S.-based operation China Labor Watch found seven children younger than 16 wroking in a factory that makes DVD players for Samsung. The company responded on Monday and said it will inspect 250 Chinese companies […]

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phoneArena: Samsung joins AMD’s HSA Foundation, faster chipsets coming?


It has become clear during AMD’s IFA keynote that Samsung is the latest company to join the recently-founded HSA Foundation. What’s this foundation all about? AMD, together with ARM, Texas Instruments, MediaTek and Imagination Technologies, announced the HSA Foundation in June. The HSA Foundation is a non-profit organization which will deal with the popularization of […]

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androidcentral: Samsung Galaxy Victory 4G LTE gets a few more details


We’ve received a few more specs for the Samsung Galaxy Victory 4G LTE, an upcoming (but as yet unannounced) Sprint Android smartphone whose existence we revealed on Saturday. Until now, all we had was the name, the suffix of which obviously (and obtusely) points out that it’ll run on Sprint’s fledgling 4G LTE network. Thanks […]

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The Verge: Samsung’s ‘Design Revolution’ started in 1996 with Sony, not Apple


1996: Samsung’s Year of Design Revolution The year is 1996: Apple just purchased NeXT from Steve Jobs and Sony was dominating all aspects of consumer electronics. For Samsung, it was rather a special year. As part of the “New Management” initiative, the company declared that 1996 was going to be the “Year of Design Revolution”. […]

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Reuters: Samsung triumphs over Apple in Japan patent case


A Tokyo court ruled on Friday that Samsung Electronics’ mobile devices did not violate an Apple Inc patent involved in synching mobile devices and computers, awarding the South Korean maker a victory a week after it lost a bruising landmark patent case in the United States. In rejecting Apple’s suit, Tokyo District Court Judge Tamotsu […]

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The Korea Times: Samsung set to strike back against Apple


Samsung Electronics is moving to fight back against Apple by strengthening its partnerships with American mobile carriers to develop new technologies to get away from the U.S. firm’s claims on design. The world’s biggest smartphone maker is in talks with major telecom carriers on Apple’s home-turf such as Verizon Wireless about modified designs in Samsung […]

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Samsung Hosts Developer Day at IFA 2012


Samsung Electronics hosted its Samsung Developer Day at IFA 2012. Over 1,000 application developers from across the globe participated in the event held at the world-leading consumer electronics show in Berlin, Germany, which is taking place for six days from August 31 to September 5. The developer event at IFA follows the success of a […]

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Engadget: Samsung’s human, Galaxy Note-powered taxi


That’s the last time we take a taxi in Berlin. After a fairly harrowing journey across the city to tonight’s Samsung IFA event, we reached our destination and spotted a clearly superior mode of transportation: a fleet of pedal-powered cabs sporting Galaxy Note 10.1s in the back. Of course, we probably would have spent more […]

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