Remember! If the flashing process is interrupted (e.g. with KIES) your phone might be very difficult to revive.
Firmwares provided by are not modified, provided 'as is' from Samsung/carrier servers.

Device Name
OS Version
Build Date
Galaxy S5 NeoSM-G903FVD2Germany (vodafone)G903FXXU2BRH2Android6. Download File
SM-G930USM-G930UTMBUsa (t-mobile)G930UUES8CRK1Android8. Download File
SM-G955WSM-G955WSPCN/aG955WVLU5BRJ2Android8. Download File
Galaxy J7 CoreSM-J701FACRN/aJ701FXVU6BRI9Android8. Download File
SM-G935USM-G935UATTAt&tG935UUES8CRK1Android8. Download File
Galaxy J7 2017SM-J730FBHTBosnia (bh telecom)J730FXXU3BRK2Android8. Download File
Galaxy J3 ProSM-J330GMYMN/aJ330GDXU3BRK1Android8. Download File
SM-G935USM-G935UXAAN/aG935UUES8CRK1Android8. Download File
SM-A810YZSM-A810YZBRITaiwanA810YZZTU1CRJ1Android8. Download File
Galaxy J2 Prime (SM-G532M)SM-G532MCRCN/aG532MUMS1ARJ3Android6. Download File
Galaxy J2 Prime (SM-G532M)SM-G532MCPAPanama (claro)G532MUMS1ARJ6Android6. Download File
SM-G935USM-G935USPRU.s. (spint)G935UUES8CRK1Android8. Download File
Galaxy J2 Prime (SM-G532M)SM-G532MTMMMexico (movistar)G532MUBS1ARJDAndroid6. Download File
Galaxy J2 Prime (SM-G532M)SM-G532MZTRN/aG532MUMU1ARJFAndroid6. Download File
SM-G950USM-G950UUSCU.s. cellularG950USQU5CRK1Android8. Download File
SM-G935USM-G935UVZWVerizon wirelessG935UUES8CRK1Android8. Download File
SM-G930USM-G930UVZWVerizon wirelessG930UUES8CRK1Android8. Download File
SM-G935USM-G935UXASSprint (usa)G935UUES8CRK1Android8. Download File
SM-G930USM-G930UTFNN/aG930UUES8CRK1Android8. Download File
SM-G930USM-G930UUSCU.s. cellularG930UUES8CRK1Android8. Download File

Samsung to begin Jelly Bean update for Galaxy S® III smartphones in the U.S. in the coming months

Available in the coming months, the Galaxy S III update offers the latest Android™ platform; new camera, video and customization enhancements; and access to ESPN’s ScoreCenter app with custom AllShare® integration. DALLAS — Samsung Telecommunications America, LLC (Samsung Mobile) – the No.1 mobile phone provider in the United States and a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics […]

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All the bells and whistles of GALAXY Note II

Since before it was even released, GALAXY Note Ⅱ was at the center of attention across the world. Now that it has actually been released, there is continued interest in the improved performance of GALAXY Note II. Today we’re going to explore the cutting-edge features of this not-your-average-smartphone device in more detail, and let you […]

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Softpedia: Samsung GALAXY S III Progre goes official at KDDI

Japanese carrier KDDI has just announced the upcoming availability of Samsung Galaxy S III Progre. The smartphone is expected to hit shelves on November 2, though there are no details on pricing options yet. Samsung Galaxy S III Progre seems to be another carrier-bounded variation of the highly-acclaimed Galaxy S III smartphone. Just like the […]

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Softpedia: Samsung SCH-I925 (Verizon’s Galaxy Note 10.1) spotted at Bluetooth SIG

Samsung’s SCH-I925 device, which appears to be none other than the Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet PC, has been spotted at the Bluetooth SIG, where it received the necessary approvals with Bluetooth 4.0 capabilities packed inside. Rumor has it that the mobile phone might arrive on shelves at the wireless carrier with support for LTE connectivity […]

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FOSS PATENTS: ITC judge postpones preliminary Apple-Samsung import ban ruling by 6 days to October 25

In a decision made yesterday that just entered the public record today, Administrative Law Judge Thomas B. Pender extended the target date for the investigation of Apple’s ITC complaint against Samsung, which was filed in July 2011, by six days from October 19, 2012 (this week’s Friday) to October 25, 2012 (next week’s Thursday). The […]

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PR Newswire: SOTI completes Samsung SAFE QA testing to achieve Samsung SAFE™ Status

MobiControl becomes an approved Samsung SAFE MDM solution, celebrating the continued collaboration between SOTI and Samsung MISSISSAUGA, ON, Oct. 16, 2012 – SOTI Inc., the world’s most trusted provider of Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions, is proud to announce that they have completed Samsung’s SAFE Quality Assurance testing for participation as a leading MDM solution […]

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the INQUIRER: ITU calls for patent peace talks between Apple, Samsung and Microsoft

THE INTERNATIONAL TELECOMMUNICATIONS UNION (ITU) talked a number of mobile technology firms into negotiations to end their patent lawsuits at a roundtable meeting last week. The organisation met with employees from Apple, Nokia, Ericsson, Microsoft, Samsung, Research in Motion (RIM) and Motorola at a roundtable on 10 October to try to broker a legal ceasefire […]

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Patent Bolt: Will Samsung beat Apple to market with solar powered devices ?

While it may be a little too early in the game to get excited about having solar energy powering your next notebook, netbook, tablet, smartphone or gaming device, it doesn’t mean that there isn’t a race behind the scenes to do just that. Apple already has accumulated six patents on this very subject with more […]

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