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Device Name
OS Version
Build Date
Galaxy Tab 7.0 PlusGT-P6200TGYHong kongP6200ZSLP6Android4.0.422.08.20121051846Unlock Download File
Galaxy Core Prime (SM-G360H)SM-G360HTHRIranG360HDDU0AOB1Android4.4.405.02.2015387878Unlock Download File
Galaxy Core Prime (SM-G360H)SM-G360HPAKPakistan (pak)G360HDDU0AOB1Android4.4.405.02.2015387878Unlock Download File
Galaxy Ace 3GT-S7270SERRussiaS7270XXUANK1Android4. Download File
Galaxy Core Prime (SM-G360H)SM-G360HBTCLibyaG360HDDU0AOB1Android4.4.405.02.2015387878Unlock Download File
Galaxy Core Prime (SM-G360H)SM-G360HLYSN/aG360HDDU0AOB1Android4.4.405.02.2015387878Unlock Download File
Galaxy A7 (SM-A700H)SM-A700HWTLN/aA700HXXU1AOD1Android4.4.420.04.20154734782Unlock Download File
Galaxy A7 (SM-A700H)SM-A700HMRUN/aA700HXXU1AOD1Android4.4.420.04.20154734782Unlock Download File
Galaxy A7 (SM-A700H)SM-A700HAFRKenyaA700HXXU1AOD1Android4.4.420.04.20154734782Unlock Download File
Galaxy A7 (SM-A700H)SM-A700HTMCAlgeriaA700HXXU1AOD1Android4.4.420.04.20154734782Unlock Download File
SM-G925LSM-G925LLUCN/aG925LKLU1AOE6Android5. Download File
SM-G925KSM-G925KKTCN/aG925KKKU1AOE6Android5. Download File

c|net: Samsung says it’s still supplying LCD panels to Apple


A Samsung spokesman refutes a report out of Korea that the electronics giant is ending its agreement to supply LCDs to Apple. Samsung refuted claims that its display business plans to end its LCD panel supply agreement with Apple, saying the report from a Korean publication was incorrect. The Korea Times, citing an unnamed senior […]

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Boeing and Samsung Electronics to explore joint technology research and development


Boeing and Samsung Electronics announced that they will explore working together to research and develop technologies that improve in-flight entertainment and communications, as well as enhance factory productivity. A signed memorandum of understanding between the world’s largest aerospace company and the global leader in digital media and digital convergence technologies will help broaden and deepen […]

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Softpedia: Samsung GALAXY 7.7 Plus Landing in Japan on October 25


he Galaxy Tab 7.7 Plus has just been announced by Japanese carrier NTT Docomo. The tablet will go on sale in the Land of the Rising Sun on October 25. As the name suggests, Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 Plus SC-01E comes with a 7.7-inch Super AMOLED Plus capacitive touchscreen display that supports 1280 x 800 […]

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The Android Soul: Samsung planning a cheap quad-core phone with Jelly Bean and WVGA 480p display for Korea, codenamed Baffin


Samsung seems to be working on a not so high-end quad-core powered phone for it’s home market in South Korea. Recent measurement results from GL benchmark tests, have shown an appearance of three unknown Samsung devices model-numbered SHV-E270S/SHV-E270K/SHV-E270L. All three are inferred to be carrier based variants of same device. Specs inferred based on the […]

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The Korea Times: Samsung Display to terminate Apple deal


Samsung Display said Monday that it will terminate its contract with Apple and no longer supply liquid crystal display (LCD) panels to its long time partner. The news comes as speculation is mounting over a rift between the two firms that have shared a long relationship in electronic components. The display panel manufacturer plans to […]

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oled-display: Samsung Display to delay flexible AMOLED production


Samsung Displays goal to start the mass production of flexible full color AMOLED Displays will be not reached. Samsung Display want to improve the AMOLED Display production capacity because of the high demand. One of the reason is the successfully smartphone sector like Galaxy S3. Samsung display can produce 56.000 glass substrates per month. Samsung […]

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FOSS PATENTS: Japanese court rejects two of Samsung’s patent infringement claims against Apple


There are countries in which it’s very difficult to monitor lawsuits. The United States is unique with PACER and other tools. In other places, such as Germany, one has to physically attend court hearings and announcements. And there are jurisdictions in which rulings may surface only with considerable delay if the parties involved don’t speak […]

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Samsung releases GALAXY S III MP3 Player (YP-W1)


[nggallery id=17] Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd, a global leader in digital media and digital convergence technologies, introduced today the Samsung MP3 Player W1, a compact and sleek MP3 player perfectly paired with Samsung GALAXY S III. With a similar look, feel and color finishto the Samsung GALAXY S III, Samsung MP3 Player W1 offers rich […]

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