Remember! If the flashing process is interrupted (e.g. with KIES) your phone might be very difficult to revive.
Firmwares provided by are not modified, provided 'as is' from Samsung/carrier servers, we are just archiving it.

Device Name
OS Version
Build Date
SM-J415FSM-J415FMWDMoroccoJ415FXXU2BSDMAndroid924.04.201915820665 Download File
SM-A600FNSM-A600FNXECSpain (movistar)A600FNXXU3BSD2Android912.04.201915516909 Download File
SM-J415FNSM-J415FNORXN/aJ415FNXXU2BSDLAndroid924.04.201915820665 Download File
Galaxy Note 9 (SM-N960F)SM-N960FTHLThailandN960FXXS2CSDJAndroid929.04.201915792590 Download File
Galaxy A8SM-A530FCHLChile (claro)A530FXXU4CSD4Android905.04.201915784452 Download File
Galaxy S7SM-G930FZVVBrazil (vivo)G930FXXS4ESBBAndroid8. Download File
Galaxy S7 EdgeSM-G935FXEUEuropeG935FXXU5ESD2Android8. Download File
Galaxy S7SM-G930FNBSN/aG930FXXS5ESDBAndroid8. Download File
Galaxy Note 8 (SM-N950F)SM-N950FXSAAustraliaN950FXXU6DSD5Android926.04.201915873931 Download File
Galaxy S7SM-G930FTGUN/aG930FXXS5ESDBAndroid8. Download File
Galaxy S7SM-G930FCHVN/aG930FXXS4ESBAAndroid8. Download File
Galaxy Note 8 (SM-N950F)SM-N950FOPSAustralia (optus)N950FXXU6DSD5Android926.04.201915873931 Download File
Galaxy A8SM-A530FOPSAustralia (optus)A530FXXU4CSD7Android912.04.201915784452 Download File
Galaxy A5 2017 (SM-A520F)SM-A520FOPSAustralia (optus)A520FXXU9CSD2Android8. Download File
Galaxy A5 2016 (SM-A510F)SM-A510FHUIItaly (h3g)A510FXXS8CSC2Android7.028.03.201912236002 Download File
SM-G973FSM-G973FCTIArgentina (claro)G973FXXU1ASD5Android916.04.201915820661 Download File
SM-G975FSM-G975FCTIArgentina (claro)G975FXXU1ASD5Android916.04.201915820661 Download File
SM-A510MSM-A510MEBEN/aA510MUBU7CSC6Android7.014.03.201912235036 Download File
Galaxy Tab S2 VE 9.7 LTESM-T819MWDMoroccoT819XXU2BSA1Android7.022.01.201914953299 Download File
SM-P585SM-P585PAKPakistan (pak)P585JXU3CRK3Android8. Download File

the Inquirer: Samsung Ativ S is delayed until December

KOREAN PHONE MAKER Samsung’s first Windows Phone 8 handset, the Samsung Ativ S has been delayed until mid-December. So says UK retailer Clove, which has updated its preorder page for the Samsung Ativ S to reveal that the handset won’t start shipping until the week commencing 10 December, despite expectations for a release early this […]

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electronista: Apple and Samsung legal fees slashed by magistrate judge

Judge: fees excessive, explanations of time spent insufficient Magistrate Judge Paul Grewal of the US District Court of the Northern District of California ordered Samsung to pay $21,554 in legal fees to Apple, and Apple to pay $160,069 to Samsung over discovery violations in the smartphone patent suit concluded in August. Both awards are significantly […]

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c|net: Judge to review whether foreman in Apple v. Samsung hid info

Federal District Judge Lucy Koh will “consider the questions” of whether the jury foreman in Apple v. Samsung “concealed information” during the jury selection process and whether there was any misconduct. Koh said she will look into the matter during a December 6 hearing. As part of her inquiry, Koh said she will require Apple […]

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Slash Gear: Apple no longer on the top five smartphone list for Q3 in China

According to new numbers from the research firm Canalys, Apple has fallen off the top five smartphone list during Q3 within China. Chinese smartphone vendors saw shipments surge for low-priced models during the quarter according to the research firm. Apple’s iPhone previously sat in fifth place on the list during Q2 and was in second […]

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Samsung Galaxy Express arrive at AT&T Nov. 16

First-time smartphone users and people looking to upgrade to a new Android smartphone will find their perfect match with the Samsung Galaxy Express, a 4G LTE smartphone that combines high performance features at a great price. The Galaxy Express is exclusive to AT&T, runs Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and sports a clear and bright […]

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Brussels Philharmonic plays music with GALAXY Note 10.1

What happens when a prestigious symphonic orchestra and an innovating technology multinational meet? A musical revolution takes place! Brussels Philharmonic is the first orchestra in the world to replace its paper sheet music by Samsung GALAXY Note 10.1 tablets. This unique cooperation was launched at a world premiere in Flagey, in the centre of Brussels. […]

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Business Wire: Samsung captures record 35 percent share of 162 million global smartphone shipments in Q3 2012

According to the latest research from Strategy Analytics, global smartphone shipments grew 35 percent annually to reach 162 million units in the third quarter of 2012. Samsung achieved a record 35 percent global share. Apple held second position, while Nokia slipped outside the top three rankings. “Global smartphone shipments grew 35 percent annually from 120.0 […]

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Samsung Smart LTE Networks: Built to Last

With the number of smartphone users growing ever larger, the need for faster internet service and access to large amounts of mobile data has never been higher. To satisfy these increasing needs, Samsung’s Smart LTE network solution provides higher capacity and faster service. For a more detailed explanation of Samsung’s Smart LTE network solution and […]

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