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Device Name
OS Version
Build Date
Galaxy Note 4 (African Countries)SM-N910HUPOUruguayN910HXXU2COK1Android5. Download File
Galaxy Note 4 (Canada)SM-N910W8ESKN/aN910W8VLU1COK3Android5. Download File
Galaxy Tab E 9.6 (WiFi)SM-T560BGLBulgariaT560XXU0AOK1Android4.4.406.11.2015871346Unlock Download File
Galaxy S4 Value Edition (Latin)GT-I9515LZTABrazil (claro)I9515LUBU1BOJ1Android5. Download File
Galaxy Note 4 (Canada)SM-N910W8MTAN/aN910W8VLU1COK3Android5. Download File
Galaxy S6 (SM-G920I)SM-G920IPVTN/aG920IDVU3DOJ6Android5. Download File
SM-T355SM-T355KSASaudi arabiaT355XXU1AOK1Android5. Download File
Galaxy Note 4 (Canada)SM-N910W8VTRVideotronN910W8VLU1COK3Android5. Download File
Galaxy Note 5 (SM-N920C)SM-N920CTHLThailandN920CXXU2AOK7Android5. Download File
Galaxy S 4 (Snapdragon)GT-I9505CROCroatia (t-mobile)I9505XXUHOJ2Android5. Download File
SM-T705YSM-T705YXNZN/aT705YDOU1BOK1Android5. Download File
Galaxy S6 (SM-G920I)SM-G920IZTRN/aG920IDVU3DOJ6Android5. Download File

Groklaw: The UK Court Sanctions Apple, Hopes “Lack of Integrity” In Notice Incident Is Not “Typical”


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FOSS PATENTS: Apple and Samsung submit final pleadings before crucial December 6 hearing


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Android Police: Samsung releases open source kernel files for Galaxy Camera, Note 10.1, and others


Samsung is back again with a fresh batch of source, today dropping open source kernel files for the Note 10.1 (N8000), its LTE counterpart N8020, the Stratosphere II (SCH-I415), and Sprint’s version of the Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 (SPH-P500). The most interesting device on the list, though, is probably the Galaxy Camera (EK-GC100), which is […]

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the Inquirer: Samsung Ativ S is delayed until December

ATIV S Product Image Front (4)

KOREAN PHONE MAKER Samsung’s first Windows Phone 8 handset, the Samsung Ativ S has been delayed until mid-December. So says UK retailer Clove, which has updated its preorder page for the Samsung Ativ S to reveal that the handset won’t start shipping until the week commencing 10 December, despite expectations for a release early this […]

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electronista: Apple and Samsung legal fees slashed by magistrate judge


Judge: fees excessive, explanations of time spent insufficient Magistrate Judge Paul Grewal of the US District Court of the Northern District of California ordered Samsung to pay $21,554 in legal fees to Apple, and Apple to pay $160,069 to Samsung over discovery violations in the smartphone patent suit concluded in August. Both awards are significantly […]

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c|net: Judge to review whether foreman in Apple v. Samsung hid info

Apple-Samsung jury foreman Velvin Hogan appearing on Bloomberg TV in August.
(Credit: Screenshot by Josh Lowensohn/Bloomberg TV)

Federal District Judge Lucy Koh will “consider the questions” of whether the jury foreman in Apple v. Samsung “concealed information” during the jury selection process and whether there was any misconduct. Koh said she will look into the matter during a December 6 hearing. As part of her inquiry, Koh said she will require Apple […]

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Slash Gear: Apple no longer on the top five smartphone list for Q3 in China


According to new numbers from the research firm Canalys, Apple has fallen off the top five smartphone list during Q3 within China. Chinese smartphone vendors saw shipments surge for low-priced models during the quarter according to the research firm. Apple’s iPhone previously sat in fifth place on the list during Q2 and was in second […]

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Samsung Galaxy Express arrive at AT&T Nov. 16


First-time smartphone users and people looking to upgrade to a new Android smartphone will find their perfect match with the Samsung Galaxy Express, a 4G LTE smartphone that combines high performance features at a great price. The Galaxy Express is exclusive to AT&T, runs Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and sports a clear and bright […]

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