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Device Name
OS Version
Build Date
Galaxy S6SM-G920FXTEPhilippinesG920FXXS3DPEOAndroid6. Download File
Galaxy S6SM-G920FORORomania (orange)G920FXXS3DPE7Android6. Download File
Galaxy Core Prime (SM-G360F)SM-G360FNEEFinlandG360FXXU1BPE2Android5. Download File
Galaxy S6SM-G920FSMAPhilippines (smart)G920FXXS3DPEOAndroid6. Download File
Galaxy S6 EdgeSM-G925FMAXAustria (t-mobile)G925FXXS3DPE5Android6. Download File
Galaxy S6 EdgeSM-G925FTTRN/aG925FXXS3DPE5Android6. Download File
Galaxy S6SM-G920FTMSSlovakiaG920FXXS3DPE5Android6. Download File
Galaxy S6 EdgeSM-G925FDPLN/aG925FXXS3DPE5Android6. Download File
Galaxy Grand 2 LTESM-G7105AMON/aG7105XXUBPD1Android4. Download File
Galaxy S6 EdgeSM-G925FCROCroatia (t-mobile)G925FXXS3DPE5Android6. Download File
Galaxy A3 2016 (SM-A310F)SM-A310FDREAustria (3)A310FXXU2APDCAndroid5. Download File
Galaxy Grand 2 LTESM-G7105FTMFrance (orange)G7105XXUBPD1Android4. Download File

Android Police: Samsung announces S Pen SDK 2.2.5 update with multi window APIs, bug fixes


In a continued quest to bring their handy functionality of the Note line’s S Pen, Samsung has again updated the stylus’ SDK, this time to 2.2.5 (a 0.0.5 bump over the previous update). The update, which Samsung announced through its developer blog early this morning, brings one major feature – Multi Window and its related […]

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Foss Patents: Court doesn’t allow sweeping inclusion of Android 4.1 (‘Jelly Bean’) in Apple-Samsung lawsuit


A few weeks ago there was a lot of media coverage of a court hearing at which Apple and Samsung were discussing with Magistrate Judge Paul S. Grewal the proposed addition of newer products, such as the iPhone 5 and Galaxy Note 10.1, to their second California lawsuit (not the one that went to trial this summer). […]

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The Chosun Ilbo: Samsung execs to discuss strategy vis-à-vis Apple


Samsung Electronics top executives and about 200 chiefs of overseas branches meet on Dec. 17-18 to discuss strategy in the face of the global recession and an intensifying standoff with rival Apple. The meeting comes after Samsung decided to hike the price of application processor chips used by Apple and right after a U.S. court […]

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Patent Bolt: Samsung invents air-gesturing controls for tablets & beyond


A recently published Samsung patent application has revealed a new air-gesturing invention that could supplement or eliminate the need to actually touch a display in order to control its functionality. When using Samsung’s air-gesturing techniques in conjunction with a Samsung HDTV, for example, the idea is to simply eliminate the need for a physical remote […]

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Samsung introduces advanced memory storage solution (64GB 10nm eMMC NAND)


Samsung Electronics announced a next-generation 64GB embedded multimedia card (eMMC) using 10 nanometer (nm)-class* process technology. The new 64GB NAND memory went into production late last month. Embedded memory is the key memory component in popular mobile applications such as smartphones and tablets. Advanced high-performance, high-density eMMCs allow users to access high-density and high-resolution content […]

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Softpedia: Samsung Galaxy Premier receives approvals in China


At the end of October, South Korean mobile phone maker Samsung went official with Galaxy Premier, a new mid-range device running under the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean operating system. The handset is expected to arrive on shelves in China in the not too distant future, and it has already been approved for use in the […]

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unwired view: Did Google manage to stop gradual Android take-over by Samsung? Q3 smartphone numbers say maybe


The rise of Android over the last 3 years was nothing short of amazing. Coming a year after the iPhone, it had crushed the incumbents – Nokia, Microsoft, RIM, etc; – and now dominates the smartphone market, with Apple as a distant second. It was also a boon for consumers, who can now get a […]

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The Street: Samsung 20% price rise if true, known to Apple at the year begining


Apple shareholders have plenty of concerns but a price raise from Samsung isn’t one of them. After reports earlier in the week that the South Korean technology giant was raising application processor (AP) prices on Apple by as much as 20%, a Samsung Electronics official denied the reports to The Hankyoreh, a Seoul-based newspaper. The […]

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