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Device Name
OS Version
Build Date
Galaxy A8 PlusSM-A730FZTOBrazilA730FXXU2ARB6Android7. Download File
SM-G611KSM-G611KKTCN/aG611KKKU1ARD3Android7. Download File
Galaxy A8 PlusSM-A730FTTTTrinidad and tobagoA730FXXU2ARD1Android7. Download File
Galaxy A8 PlusSM-A730FPCTPuerto ricoA730FXXS2ARCFAndroid7. Download File
Galaxy A8 PlusSM-A730FCOMColombia (comcel)A730FXXS2ARCFAndroid7. Download File
Galaxy A8 PlusSM-A730FXSPSingaporeA730FXXU2ARB8Android7. Download File
Galaxy S6 Edge+ (SM-G928C)SM-G928CPCLIsrael (pelephone)G928CXXU4CRD2Android7.011.04.201811762721 Download File
SM-G611SSM-G611SSKCN/aG611SKSU1ARD3Android7. Download File
Galaxy A8 PlusSM-A730FZVVBrazil (vivo)A730FXXU1AQLEAndroid7. Download File
Galaxy A8 PlusSM-A730FMIDIraqA730FXXU2ARD1Android7. Download File
Galaxy A8 PlusSM-A730FCDRDominican republic (claro)A730FXXS2ARCFAndroid7. Download File
SM-J700HSM-J700HTHRIranJ700HXXU3BRC2Android6. Download File
Galaxy A8 PlusSM-A730FAFRKenyaA730FXXU2ARD1Android7. Download File
SM-J700HSM-J700HTUNTunisiaJ700HXXU3BRC2Android6. Download File
Galaxy A8 PlusSM-A730FTCEMexicoA730FXXS2ARCFAndroid7. Download File
Galaxy A8 PlusSM-A730FMATMorocco (mat)A730FXXU2ARD1Android7. Download File
SM-A320FLSM-A320FLCOSGreece (cosmote)A320FLXXU2CRD4Android8. Download File
Galaxy A8 PlusSM-A730FSINSingapore (singtel)A730FXXU2ARB8Android7. Download File
Galaxy A8SM-A530FMWDMoroccoA530FXXU2ARD2Android7. Download File
SM-A320FLSM-A320FLSEBBalticA320FLXXU2CRE1Android8. Download File

c|net: Samsung exec puts Apple on notice: No phone without our patents

As the ITC gets ready to review an earlier decision siding with Apple, Samsung’s mobile boss works the refs in impromptu comments to reporters. A jury in Northern California would say otherwise, but Samsung’s mobile chief offered a pointed reminder to Apple that the patent dispute between the two companies is far from over. “The […]

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unwired view: Samsung’s CEO skips CES to show there’s a ‘Chinese Wall’ between component and smartphone biz

Samsung’s CEO, Kwon Oh-hyun will not be attending next year’s CES. The event, held each January in Las Vegas, Nevada is one of the biggest tech-related trade shows in the world. During CES, many new mobile devices usually get unveiled every year. This decision by Samsung’s CEO doesn’t come without some reasoning. Apparently, the official […]

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ABI Research Teardown: Samsung drops Qualcomm for own chipset in Galaxy S III E210s – the start of a platform war ?

The Galaxy SIII E210s was released in Korea recently and with its launch, Samsung sent a message to the chipset giant Qualcomm by dropping the Qualcomm modem in favor of its home grown solution. Samsung has historically been known for its high-end application processors that appear in a number of its smartphones but the modem […]

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Samsung Galaxy Note II Met with Jewelry Brand Stonehenge

Samsung Electronics joins hands with Korean premium jewelry brand Stonehenge to offer very special experience to Galaxy Note II purchasing customers. Samsung Electronics announced the arrival of the limited edition of “Galaxy Note II with Stonehenge Earcap,” the earphone jack accessories. The limited edition of Galaxy Note II with Stonehenge Earcap has simple but graceful […]


unwired view: Dual SIM Samsung Galaxy S III shows up in China

The Galaxy Note II isn’t the only high-end Samsung handset that’s going to be available in a dual SIM version in China. A Galaxy S III with dual SIM capabilities has been spotted recently, too. It has the model number SCH-i939D and, like the dual SIM Note II, it doesn’t support two GSM SIM cards, […]

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c|net: ITC to give its pro-Apple decision a second look for Samsung

The U.S. International Trade Commission says it’s giving Samsung’s patent complaint a review following a pro-Apple decision in September. Samsung’s getting a second chance against Apple in at least one legal venue. The U.S. International Trade Commission today said it will review a decision made by one of its administrative law judges, who in September […]

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YONHAP: Samsung files invalidation suit against LG’s patents on OLED

Samsung Electronics Co. of South Korea has filed a lawsuit against LG Display Co., the world’s No. 2 maker of liquid crystal displays, seeking the invalidation of some of the latter’s patents on organic light-emitting diode (OLED) panel technologies, company officials said Monday. In the suit filed with a local intellectual property tribunal, Samsung claimed […]

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Samsung Galaxy 10.1 LTE and Galaxy Ace Plus to hit Korean market

Samsung Electronics announced on the 19th that Galaxy Note 10.1 LTE—the 4G version upgraded with new features—would be consecutively released via three major Korean mobile carriers. Galaxy Note 10.1 LTE simultaneously supports the voice call, video, and data transmission with the latest LTE technology such as VoLTE (Voice over LTE) and Multi Carrier, which is […]

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