Remember! If the flashing process is interrupted (e.g. with KIES) your phone might be very difficult to revive.
Firmwares provided by are not modified, provided 'as is' from Samsung/carrier servers.

Device Name
OS Version
Build Date
Galaxy J2 PROSM-J250MALEN/aJ250MUBS5ARJ3Android7. Download File
Galaxy S7 EdgeSM-G935FCOMColombia (comcel)G935FXXU3ERICAndroid8. Download File
Galaxy Note 4 (Exynos)SM-N910CZVVBrazil (vivo)N910CXXU2DRG5Android6. Download File
Galaxy Tab S2 VE 9.7 LTESM-T819TCLPortugal (vodafone)T819XXU2BRI1Android7.021.09.201813790357 Download File
Galaxy C9 ProSM-C900FNPLNepalC900FDDU1CRJ4Android8. Download File
Galaxy Note 8 (SM-N950F)SM-N950FSMAPhilippines (smart)N950FXXS5CRJ6Android8. Download File
SM-G570YSM-G570YXSAAustraliaG570YDXU2CRI1Android8. Download File
Galaxy S8 PlusSM-G955FCPAPanama (claro)G955FXXS4CRJ7Android8. Download File
Galaxy S8 PlusSM-G955FCRCN/aG955FXXS4CRJ7Android8. Download File
Galaxy C9 ProSM-C900FSLKSri lankaC900FDDU1CRJ4Android8. Download File
SM-G965U1SM-G965U1LRAN/aG965U1UEU3ARJ2Android8. Download File
Galaxy Note 8 (SM-N950F)SM-N950FTTTTrinidad and tobagoN950FXXS5CRJ6Android8. Download File
SM-J730GMSM-J730GMPEON/aJ730GMUBU5BRJ3Android8. Download File
Galaxy Tab S3 (LTE)SM-T825XEZCzech republicT825XXU2BRJ1Android8. Download File
SM-A510MSM-A510MCOMColombia (comcel)A510MUBS6CRJ2Android7.010.10.201812235036 Download File
SM-N960USM-N960UUSCU.s. cellularN960USQU1ARJ5Android8. Download File
Galaxy J2 Prime (SM-G532M)SM-G532MMXON/aG532MUBS1ARJ9Android6. Download File
SM-G570YSM-G570YVNZNew zealand (vodafone)G570YDXU2CRI1Android8. Download File
SM-G610MSM-G610MTTTTrinidad and tobagoG610MUBU3CRJ3Android8. Download File
Galaxy Note 8 (SM-N950F)SM-N950FSKZKazakhstanN950FXXS5CRJ6Android8. Download File

e’s phoneblog: Samsung to open R&D office in Espoo, Finland, in Q4 2012

Samsung is hiring in Finland. The company is looking for at least two positions for a R&D office on Nokia’s home turf in Espoo, Finland. The currently open positions are for a Software Engineering Manager and a Senior Software Engineer in Graphics. Samsung’s R&D office in Otaniemi, Espoo will open it’s doors in Q4 2012. […]

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Samsung provides specialized Galaxy S® II smartphone for Preventice remote patient monitoring system

Samsung Telecommunications America, LLC (Samsung Mobile) and Preventice™, a leading developer of mobile health solutions and remote monitoring systems, announced today that Samsung will provide mobile phones for the new BodyGuardian Remote Monitoring System (RMS)™ from Preventice. Preventice recently announced its receipt of 510(k) clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the […]

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Add style and color to the Samsung Galaxy Note II, Samsung Galaxy S III with the Protective Flip Cover

Samsung Telecommunications America, LLC (Samsung Mobile) – the No.1 mobile phone provider in the United States1 – is giving U.S. Galaxy Note II and Galaxy S III users the ability to customize Samsung’s newest iconic smartphones with its Protective Flip Cover, a unique case solution available in an array of vibrant colors. In addition, Samsung […]

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unwired view: Rugged Samsung Rugby III will be available at AT&T on December 14 for $99.99

AT&T has announced that its rugged Samsung Rugby III flip phone will finally become available online and in stores on December 14 for the insane price of $99.99 with a new two-year contract, Phone Scoop reports. Why insane? Well, first of all, this is a flip phone. Clamshell. That sort of thing. Second, it’s obviously […]

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The Korea Herald: U.K. court to hear Samsung claim on Apple violation

Samsung Electronics will argue Apple Inc. smartphones use its protected technology without authorization in a London trial starting Thursday. Samsung claims Apple infringed patents key to how phones send and receive information on third-generation mobile networks. Apple argues the patents aren’t valid and, regardless, Samsung must license the technology’s use under fair terms if it’s […]

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The Korea Herald: Samsung’s war on excessive drinking among employees

Samsung Group, the country’s largest conglomerate, has stepped up efforts to stamp out a corporate culture of excessive drinking common in Korea. The group said that it has launched an in-house campaign across its subsidiaries in a bid to discourage binge drinking, forced drinking or other harmful types of drinking to promote a healthy workplace […]

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android police: Samsung Releases Galaxy Premier And Verizon Note II Source Code

Samsung’s released the open source code for the Galaxy Premier (GT-9260), as well as the Verizon version of the Galaxy Note II (SCH-I605), which just had its official sale details announced a few minutes ago. Source: VZW Note II, Galaxy Premier From: http://www.androidpolice.comzZ

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Apple Insider: Apple’s rumored chip switch from Samsung to TSMC may send shockwaves through industry

Concerns are already arising in the semiconductor industry about Apple’s potential switch from Samsung to TSMC for production of iPhone and iPad processors. Supply chain sources indicated to DigiTimes that it is expected Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company will begin producing chips for Apple in 2013. The publication has a hit-or-miss track record reporting Apple’s future […]

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