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Device Name
OS Version
Build Date
Galaxy Light (T-Mobile)SGH-T399TMBUsa (t-mobile)T399UVUANG6Android4. Download File
Galaxy Note 2 LTE (International)GT-N7105TENNorway (telenor)N7105XXUFNE3Android4. Download File
Galaxy S 4 (Snapdragon)GT-I9505H3GUnited kingdomI9505XXUGNF6Android4. Download File
Galaxy Tab S 8.4 (WiFi)SM-T700CHNChinaT700ZCU1ANG2Android4. Download File
Galaxy S4 Value EditionGT-I9515O2UUnited kingdom (o2)I9515XXU1ANG1Android4. Download File
Galaxy Note 8.0 LTEGT-N5120VNZNew zealand (vodafone)N5120XXDNE4Android4. Download File
Galaxy S3 Mini Value EditionGT-I8200MIDIraqI8200XXUANF2Android4. Download File
Galaxy S4 Value EditionGT-I95153IEIreland (three)I9515XXU1AND3Android4. Download File
Galaxy S5 MiniSM-G800FO2UUnited kingdom (o2)G800FXXU1ANGAAndroid4. Download File
SM-G313HSM-G313HINUIndiaG313HDDU0ANG1Android4. Download File
SM-G386TSM-G386TTMBUsa (t-mobile)G386TUVU1ANG6Android4. Download File
Galaxy Note 8.0 (3G/WIFI)GT-N5100MGFN/aN5100XXDNG2Android4. Download File

FOSS PATENTS: Patent exhaustion and possible EU intervention at issue in German Samsung v. Apple SEP lawsuit


The dispute between Apple and Samsung is a good example of how much faster patent holders can enforce their rights in Germany than in the United States. This earth-spanning patent war started with Apple’s first federal lawsuit, filed in April 2011, in response to which Samsung retaliated in several countries including Germany. By the standards […]

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FOSS PATENTS: Apple insists that Samsung’s purported workaround still infringes pinch-to-zoom API patent


In the build-up to the December 6 injunction hearing in Judge Koh’s court, Apple and Samsung are fighting hard over which evidence and arguments will be admitted. The dispute over Samsung’s lawyers’ access to the full Apple-HTC settlement agreement including license fees (all other parts were not in dispute) has been resolved by the court, […]

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The Korea Times: Samsung not likely to compromise in patent disputes


Apple and Google are discussing arbitration procedures that could mark the beginning of the end of their long-running war over smartphone patents but Samsung Electronics will not seek a compromise with Apple over their disputes, according to market analysts. Seoul-based industry analyst Thomas Kang said Thursday that the patent war will continue for the time […]

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Business Wire: Samsung Galaxy Appeal indicates shift from GaAS to CMOS power amplifiers for 3G handsets


The Samsung Galaxy Appeal is one of the first mass produced phones to ship with a high performance 3G CMOS PA. Despite an historical presence from CMOs in the 2G handset market concerns over performance have severely limited its progress in the 3G domain. The GaAs based PA incumbents such as, Avago, TriQuint, RFMD, Skyworks, […]

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Softpedia: Samsung ATIV S delayed to 2013 at T-Mobile Germany

ATIV S Product Image Front (4)

Samsung has already launched the Ativ S in the UK and is now planning to release the smartphone in North America. However, other countries won’t be so lucky as to receive the device this year. According to, Samsung Ativ S has just been delayed to next year at T-Mobile Germany. Even though the smartphone […]

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Samsung and BMW’s joint marketing campaign for Galaxy Note II


Samsung Electronics joined forces with the global premium car brand BMW for joint marketing plans for Galaxy Note II. Samsung Electronics displays BMW 1 Series all wrapped up in the graffiti-inspired car art of Galaxy Note II during the period from Nov 21 to Dec 12 at Coex Central Plaza in Seoul. The image design […]

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Samsung announces measures for working conditions at supplier factories in China


Samsung Electronics Co. holds itself and its supplier companies to the highest standards. In response to China Labor Watch’s reports on our suppliers, we conducted an audit over a four-week period in September of 105 suppliers that manufacture Samsung products in China, covering more than 65,000 employees. The Samsung audit team, comprising 121 trained and […]

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FOSS PATENTS: Samsung attacking Apple’s screen-to-speech functionality with German patent


At the end of my post on Apple’s Black Friday motion to bring infringement claims against six more Samsung products in California I promised that I would report on the two Samsung v. Apple trials that took place in Mannheim on the same day. I’ll start with the one relating to a non-standard-essential patent. DE10040386 […]

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