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Device Name
OS Version
Build Date
SM-G900MDSM-G900MDZTOBrazilG900MDUBS1CPI2Android6. Download File
Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 (Wi-Fi)SM-P600XACCanadaP600UEUDPH3Android5. Download File
Galaxy S5 (SM-G900M)SM-G900MUPOUruguayG900MUBS1CPI8Android6. Download File
Galaxy S5 (SM-G900M)SM-G900MTTTTrinidad and tobagoG900MUBS1CPI8Android6. Download File
Galaxy S5 (SM-G900M)SM-G900MCHOChileG900MUBS1CPI8Android6. Download File
Galaxy S5 (SM-G900M)SM-G900MAROArgentinaG900MUBS1CPI8Android6. Download File
Galaxy A9 PROSM-A9100CHCN/aA9100ZCU1API2Android6. Download File
Galaxy S7 EdgeSM-G935FCTIArgentina (claro)G935FXXU1BPH8Android6. Download File
Galaxy S5 (SM-G900M)SM-G900MTPAPanamaG900MUBS1CPI8Android6. Download File
Galaxy J1 (SM-J100H)SM-J100HTCLPortugal (vodafone)J100HXCS0APH3Android4.4.430.08.20161042529 Download File
Galaxy S5 (SM-G900M)SM-G900MBVON/aG900MUBS1CPI8Android6. Download File
SM-T715N0SM-T715N0KOON/aT715N0KOU2BPI2Android6. Download File

Asymco: Samsung’s capital structure


Having described the Revenue, Operating Margin and cost structure for Samsung Electronics it’s time to review their investment strategy.

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oled-display: Samsung Display flexible, high res AMOLED and OLED-TV capacity forecast


In a analyse of the ordered OLED equipment we can you inform you about Samsungs new AMOLED and OLED-Tv capacity plans. At 1 July 2012 Samsung Display was founded and they changed also some plans for the AMOLED capacity future. The report says that they expect now to increase capacity at the A2 fab (A2E) […]

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The Premium Suite Upgrade for Galaxy S III, Part 2


Were you happy with the Premium Suite Introduction Part 1? Well here come the rest! Powerful Multimedia (1) Paper Artist: You can make a picture like a pop artist! Change the moods of your pictures whenever you want! (2) Camera, Low Light Shot: It’s always tough to take pictures in dark places. So the GALAXY […]

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Samsung Galaxy S IV development 2 months ahead of schedule, will be shown at CES 2013 ?


According to Rbmen (via Korean media) Samsung Galaxy S IV development will end 2 months ahead of schedule in January with March (by earliet) as the launch date. There are no deatails on the device so far leaked (well done Samsung). Some people say that project is called “Midas” internaly. This might be the big […]

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Samsung preparing us for “SOMETHING NEW” comming at CES 2013 (January 8th-11th)


January 8th-11th, 2013. Get ready because something new is coming. Stay tuned to Samsung Tomorrow to find out more. Samsung-Updates comment: we expect YOUM to be showed off there. Find out more From:

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Asymco: The real threat that Samsung poses to Apple


A lot of ink has been spilled in the wake of the recent Apple Samsung patent disputes, and the legal wars see no sign of abating any time soon. The rise of Samsung’s phone business has been meteoric, and Apple is right to be concerned.

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Softpedia: Phone thieves can spoof the location of Your Samsung phone, expert finds


Security Researcher Jiten Jain has found that the tracking system implemented by Samsung to allow owners to track down their stolen or lost phones contains a flaw that allows anyone with the proper knowhow to spoof the device’s location. According to experts, 113 devices are lost or stolen every minute in the Unites States. Because […]

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9to5mac: ‘Steve Jobs’ iPhone patent used against Samsung/Motorola invalidated by US patent office, could affect lawsuits


In October, as pointed out in Samsung filings with U.S. District Lucy Koh, we told you that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office issued a non-final decision that declared 20 claims related to Apple’s rubber-banding patent invalid. While Samsung and Apple were back in court yesterday regarding post-trial motions, today FossPatents reported (via MacRumors) the […]

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