Remember! If the flashing process is interrupted (e.g. with KIES) your phone might be very difficult to revive.
Firmwares provided by are not modified, provided 'as is' from Samsung/carrier servers.

Device Name
OS Version
Build Date
SM-A600FSM-A600FTHRIranA600FJXU2ARG1Android8. Download File
Galaxy Xcover 3 VE LTESM-G389FDTMGermany (t-mobile)G389FXXU1ARF1Android6. Download File
Galaxy S8SM-G950FVDHHungary (vodafone)G950FXXU3CRGBAndroid8. Download File
Galaxy Xcover 3 VE LTESM-G389FCOSGreece (cosmote)G389FXXU1ARF1Android6. Download File
Galaxy S6 Edge+SM-G928FTRGAustria (telering)G928FXXU4CRF4Android7.021.06.201811762721 Download File
Galaxy A8 PlusSM-A730FZTOBrazilA730FXXU2BRG1Android8. Download File
Galaxy S7SM-G930FXFESouth africaG930FXXU2ERGEAndroid8. Download File
Galaxy A7 2017 (SM-A720F)SM-A720FXSAAustraliaA720FXXU3CRF3Android8. Download File
Galaxy A7 2017 (SM-A720F)SM-A720FBVON/aA720FXXU4CRG2Android8. Download File
SM-G935USM-G935UXAAN/aG935UUES4CRG3Android8. Download File
SM-G928ISM-G928IOPSAustralia (optus)G928IDVU4CRG1Android7.002.07.201811762721 Download File
SM-G610YSM-G610YGLBPhilippines (globe)G610YZTS1ARG2Android6. Download File
Galaxy S7SM-G930FAFGAfghanistanG930FXXU2ERGEAndroid8. Download File
Galaxy J7 Prime (SM-G610F)SM-G610FLYSN/aG610FDDU1BRG1Android7.002.07.201813766502 Download File
Galaxy A5 2017 (SM-A520F)SM-A520FSEESouth east europeA520FXXU5CRGBAndroid8. Download File
Galaxy Tab A 10.1 (S-Pen/WiFi)SM-P580COON/aP580KXU1BRD1Android7.020.04.201813041686 Download File
Galaxy S6 Edge+SM-G928FCOARomania (cosmote)G928FXXU4CRF4Android7.021.06.201811762721 Download File
SM-T819CSM-T819CCHCN/aT819CZCU2BRG1Android7.009.07.201812837313 Download File
Galaxy S7SM-G930FDPLN/aG930FXXS2ERG7Android8. Download File
Galaxy Note 5 (SM-N920G)SM-N920GCOLColombiaN920GUBS4CRG1Android7.002.07.201812457626 Download File

UPDATE: Google sticks Nexus S ICS update back in the freezer

Eager to get your Nexus S all sticky with an Ice Cream Sandwich? Google’s saying not so fast, at least for some Nexus S owners. Google community manager Paul Wilcox responded to queries on the mobile support forum, explaining: If you received an update notification a little while ago but the update isn’t currently available […]

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Galaxy devices ICS upgrade annouced! (lots of devices are omitted!)

According to latest Samsung News (quoted below) lots of devices will not get official ICS upgrade, as we know today. Things may change when lots of Galaxy S (GT-I9000) users, smaller tabs, and other Galaxy branded devices will shout/flame on Samsung twitter, discussion boards, facebook… Samsung Electronics plan to provide the Android 4.0 Ice Cream […]

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New version of Touchwizz Launcher 3 for stock+ mod!

Features added: – 5 icons in dock – transparent app-drawer – transparent shortcut area in app-drawer – no app icon background – new animation when entering app-drawer (similar to aosp) NEW! – 2 rows app description in workspace (like in app drawer) NEW! – no app description background in workspace (like in app drawer) NEW! […]


Firmware list is comming!

We are currently working on dynamic pages which shows firmwares for all regions and all devices we support. We will try to show you as many details as we can :) There is also couple of tutorials comming, on how to root devices for yourself without custom kernels :) etc… So stay tuned, we are […]

| No Comments Website says Hello!

Hello! Today we are started to launch our website, where you can get latest news, mods, tutorials, hacks and of course latest firmware for samsung devices! Stay tuned while the page wil evolve!

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