Remember! If the flashing process is interrupted (e.g. with KIES) your phone might be very difficult to revive.
Firmwares provided by are not modified, provided 'as is' from Samsung/carrier servers.

Device Name
OS Version
Build Date
SM-J710MNSM-J710MNEONN/aJ710MNUBU4BRH1Android7.017.08.201812710487 Download File
Galaxy A5 2016 (SM-A510F)SM-A510FXEGN/aA510FXXS6CRI5Android7.011.09.201812236002 Download File
Galaxy Note 8 (SM-N950F)SM-N950FXEHHungaryN950FXXS5CRJ1Android8. Download File
Galaxy S7SM-G930FTCEMexicoG930FXXU3ERICAndroid8. Download File
SM-P355MSM-P355MPETPeruP355MUBS1BRH2Android6. Download File
Galaxy Note 9 (SM-N960F)SM-N960FORORomania (orange)N960FXXU2ARI9Android8. Download File
Galaxy A5 2017 (SM-A520F)SM-A520FTSIN/aA520FXXU5CRGBAndroid8. Download File
Galaxy S8 PlusSM-G955FBATN/aG955FXXU3CRH3Android8. Download File
SM-G9008VSM-G9008VCHMChinaG9008VZMU1CRI1Android6. Download File
Galaxy S8SM-G950FBATN/aG950FXXU3CRH3Android8. Download File
SM-A320FLSM-A320FL3IEIreland (three)A320FLXXU3CRH2Android8. Download File
Galaxy S8SM-G950FTCEMexicoG950FXXS4CRI6Android8. Download File
Galaxy Note 9 (SM-N960F)SM-N960FBRITaiwanN960FXXU2ARJ1Android8. Download File
Galaxy A5 (SM-A500M)SM-A500MPSPParaguayA500MUBS1CRH1Android6. Download File
Galaxy S5 PlusSM-G901FVDIIreland (vodafone)G901FXXU1CRH1Android6. Download File
Galaxy Note 8 (SM-N950F)SM-N950F3IEIreland (three)N950FXXS5CRJ1Android8. Download File
Galaxy On7 PrimeSM-G611FXSGUnited arab emiratesG611FXXU1BRI6Android8. Download File
Galaxy S8 PlusSM-G955FALEN/aG955FXXU4CRI5Android8. Download File
Galaxy Note 8 (SM-N950F)SM-N950FHUIItaly (h3g)N950FXXS5CRJ1Android8. Download File
Galaxy A8SM-A530FORORomania (orange)A530FXXU3BRI1Android8. Download File

[PETITION] Samsung mobile: Help third party development achieve full potential of purchased devices

Samsung Mobile releases many mobile devices worldwide, yet has an unfortunate reputation for being somewhat slow to update devices to the latest firmware version. This leaves users open to security vulnerabilities, which is detrimental to the experience of paying users. We, the undersigned, petition Samsung Mobile to release as much as is possible to third […]

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[NEWS] Windows Phone 8 coming by year’s end with elements of Windows 8

Samsung has told TechRadar that it will be bringing out Windows Phone 8 handsets when the new platform is announced. With Windows Phone Tango making a low-key entry into the market at MWC 2012, the focus is now on Windows Phone Apollo (or Windows Phone 8 as it will formally be known) for the future […]

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[NEWS] Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 doing FCC

So it seems that Galaxy Note is heading for a fast distribution. Wonder if Samsung engineers will have the time to iron the speed issues from the ICS firmware distributed with it. Anyways we are looking forward for this, maybe Samsung will give us one unit to test? :) Via:

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[NEWS] Samsung: ‘We’re not doing very well in the tablet market’

Samsung Electronics admitted that its attempt to breach the tablet market has largely been a flop, with one executive offering a sobering summary of its performance. “Honestly, we’re not doing very well in the tablet market,” Hankil Yoon, a product strategy executive for Samsung, said today during a media roundtable here. That’s about as frank […]

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[NEWS] Samsung Galaxy S III ‘full’ specs

BGR just confirmed the specs of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S III phone: 1.5GHz quad-core Samsung Exynos processor 4.8-inch “full HD” 1080p resolution with 16:9 aspect ratio display A 2-megapixel front-facing camera and an 8-megapixel rear camera Ceramic case 4G LTE Android 4.0 Ceramic case finally delivering the feeling You use high shelf product worth […]

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[NEWS] Samsung aims to retake smartphone lead over Apple in 2012

Samsung reportedly aims to nearly double its total smartphone shipments in 2012, after the company lagged behind Apple in the fourth quarter of the year. JK Shin, president and head of Samsung’s mobile division, announced the goal ahead of Mobile World Congress. The executive suggests the company has set 380 million units as a target […]

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[NEWS] Angry Birds Space to launch on Samsung’s Galaxy Note

Rovio described the upcoming Angry Birds Space as its biggest launch since the original game, but has been coy about platform details until now, as Samsung has revealed it’s launching on the Galaxy Note. We’re not sure how the phablet’s 5-inch (or possible 10.1-inch) display comes into play, but the extra area can’t hurt. Other […]

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[NEWS] Samsung’s Exhilarate $50 AT&T LTE phone hits the FCC

Samsung’s Exhilarate was first announced back at CES as AT&T’s first sub-$50 LTE phone. It also apparently meets a variety of sustainability and environmental standards, but the FCC wasn’t concerned about if it was made of bamboo when it shredded the handset for the public’s good. Our boys in blue lab coats were more preoccupied […]

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