Remember! If the flashing process is interrupted (e.g. with KIES) your phone might be very difficult to revive.
Firmwares provided by are not modified, provided 'as is' from Samsung/carrier servers.

Device Name
OS Version
Build Date
Galaxy S 4 (Snapdragon)GT-I9505LEBN/aI9505XXUEMKFAndroid4.327.11.20132082040Unlock Download File
Galaxy S5 (Snapdragon)SM-G900FLEBN/aG900FXXU1ANCEAndroid4. Download File
Galaxy S 4 (Snapdragon)GT-I9505XSWN/aI9505XXUEMK9Android4.321.11.20132082040Unlock Download File
Galaxy Note PRO 12.2 (3G)SM-P901ACRN/aP901XXUANAEAndroid4. Download File
SM-P900SM-P900XEOPolandP900XXUANAIAndroid4. Download File
Galaxy Note PRO 12.2 (3G)SM-P901CAMN/aP901XXUANAFAndroid4. Download File
SM-P900SM-P900DBTGermanyP900XXUANC4Android4. Download File
Galaxy S 3 LTEGT-I9305XSZN/aI9305XXUENA2Android4.321.01.20142051278Unlock Download File
Samsung Gear 2 NEOSM-R381SKON/aR381XXU0BND8Tizen2. Download File
Galaxy S 4 (Snapdragon)GT-I9505XSDN/aI9505XXUEMK9Android4.321.11.20132082040Unlock Download File
Galaxy S 4 (Snapdragon)GT-I9505XSBN/aI9505XXUEMK9Android4.321.11.20132082040Unlock Download File
Galaxy Note 3 (Snapdragon)SM-N9005LEBN/aN9005XXUENC2Android4. Download File

[VIDEO] CNET shows us Samsung’s history, talent for building tanks


Samsung has been a gigantic name in technology for yonks, but it’s fair to say that only in the last few years has the company really moved to the forefront of gadgeteering. That’s thanks to the things it’s doing in the smart phone and tablet world, crafting compelling Android mobiles like the Samsung Galaxy S2, […]

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[LEAK - DOWNLOAD] Android 4.0.3 for Sprint Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch (FB17 build!)


Yesterday, Phandroid reported that a leaked Android 4.0 ROM had been successfully modded to boot with the Samsung Epic 4G Touch. While the ROM was not completely working, it is a great way to see how Android 4.0 and Touchwiz will feel once the official update is released. But it has just gotten a bit […]

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[NEWS] Samsung Android 4.0.x update list


Samsung devices that have Android 4.0 Samsung Galaxy Nexus (Global Version) Samsung Galaxy Nexus LTE Samsung Nexus S (rolling update should be completed in Q1) Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (unreleased) Samsung devices that will receive Android 4.0 update in Q1 Samsung Galaxy Note (Global version) Samsung Galaxy S II (Global version) Samsung devices that will […]

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[NEWS] N7000XXLP1_N7000OXALP1_OXA – Ice Cream Sandwich for N7000 – OFFICIAL LEAK


No more waiting. Leak from insiders has landed. Firmware is OFFICIAL yet flashing it will change your CUSTOM COUNTER. To reset it use tool developed by ChainfireXDA, more information about the process here [13.02.2012][ROOT] TriangleAway v1.10. As usual expect FAST DOWNLOAD, NO PASSWORD, NO REGISTRATION NEEDED. ENJOY! FIRMWARE DOWNLOAD LINK -> DOWNLOAD CFROOT LINK […]

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[KERNEL GT-i9100 I9100XXLPH] – Root + CWM Touch Recovery


Our kernels are uber-minimal modification of stock kernel used only for rooting (no custom recovery is installed). So the kernel it’s like stock just rooted, and there is small chance (or any chance) that it will be detected as modified by service center at the first look. So here we have latest ICS stock kernel […]

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[DEPRECIATED] Ice Crem Sandwich – leak for GT-I9220 repacked for N7000 by Chainfire


Flash as PDA with Odin in Downlod Mode ot using Mobile Odin (or Lite version). It will most likely change your flash counter but there is a tool called TriangleAway to deal with it. Also as this is based on Chinese files there are no Google Apps (GAPPS) so You will have to flash those […]

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[BREKING NEWS] Galaxy Note ICE CREAM SANDWICH leaked! GT-i9220


Happy You Galaxy Note users. Seems like some user from China GFAN forums leaked early build of ICE CREAM SANDWICH for Your devices! Of course do a FULL backup (strongly recommend doing also EFS backup) and flash! This is a version for GT-i9220 (Galaxy Note in China) yet users report that flashing PDA file only […]

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Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 tipped for MWC 2012 debut


Samsung has apparently confirmed a 10.1-inch tablet version of its Galaxy Note pen-enabled smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, with an S-Pen developer event to be held at MWC 2012 later this month. Mention of the device – presumably a version of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 with stylus input – is made on Samsung’s official […]

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