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Device Name
OS Version
Build Date
Galaxy Note 10.1 (LTE + WiFi)GT-N8020DTMGermany (t-mobile)N8020XXUDNI2Android4. Download File
Galaxy Note 10.1 (LTE + WiFi)GT-N8020CROCroatia (t-mobile)N8020XXUDNI2Android4. Download File
Galaxy Note 10.1 (LTE + WiFi)GT-N8020MAXAustria (t-mobile)N8020XXUDNI2Android4. Download File
Galaxy Tab 4 7.0 (WiFi)SM-T230BGLBulgariaT230XXU0ANJ4Android4. Download File
Galaxy Note 10.1 (3G + WiFi)GT-N8000SMOSerbiaN8000XXUDNH2Android4. Download File
Galaxy S3 Mini Value Edition (N)GT-I8200NO2IUnited kingdom (o2i)I8200NXXUANJ2Android4. Download File
Galaxy Note 10.1 (3G + WiFi)GT-N8000MSRSerbia (telenor)N8000XXUDNH2Android4. Download File
Galaxy Note 10.1 (3G + WiFi)GT-N8000BGLBulgariaN8000XXUDNH2Android4. Download File
Galaxy Note 10.1 (LTE + WiFi)GT-N8020COSGreece (cosmote)N8020XXUDNI2Android4. Download File
Galaxy Note 10.1 (3G + WiFi)GT-N8000SION/aN8000XXUDNH2Android4. Download File
Galaxy Tab 4 7.0 (WiFi)SM-T230XEZCzech republicT230XXU0ANJ4Android4. Download File
Galaxy Tab 3 Lite 3GSM-T111NZCNew zelandT111XXUANI7Android4. Download File

Galaxy S III (SCH-I939) variant popped up on the NenaMark website


To make things even more confusing yet another Galaxy S III (SCH-I939) variant popped up on the NenaMark website. Judging by its model number the device is destined for the Chinese market, comming to succeed the I929 Galaxy S II Duos. That version is powered by the same Exynos 4 Quad chipset as the international […]

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Dual-core Snapdragon S4 confirmed for Verizon Galaxy S III (SCH-I535)


Looks like people in the US willing to grab the upcoming Galaxy S III won't be treated to its quad-core Exynos variant. Instead, latest evidence points to a dual-core Snapdragon S4 powering the Galaxy S III for Verizon. This is further confirmed by early NenaMark2 benchmarks, which show a Galaxy S III (SCH-I535) with a […]

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Samsung SGH-T699 for T-Mobile discovered, has a 720p display, ARM11 processor


If the information contained within a recently discovered piece of code is to be believed, T-Mobile will be getting a new Samsung smartphone soon – a smartphone with a model number SGH-T699. The device in question sports a 720p display of an unknown size and a processor based on ARM11 architecture, as indicated by strings […]

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Samsung Galaxy S III photo samples appear for all four major US carriers


Ever since its announcement we’ve been waiting for some concrete news of which US carriers would be getting the shiny new Galaxy S III. And while the evidence is far from conclusive, PocketNow has some promising information for anyone waiting on their carrier to release a next-generation Android handset. They’re showing off photos and claiming […]

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Samsung Galaxy S III visits FCC wearing AT&T's bands


The Samsung Galaxy S III has yet to be introduced by a North American carrier. Still, the handset will eventually be offered in the States, so it made sense for the phone to visit the FCC. The interesting thing is that the version that stopped by the Feds carried AT&T's HSPA+ pipeline but not T-Mobile's. […]

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Samsung SCH-S759 with Windows Phone gets Wi-Fi, Bluetooth certified, may be headed to China Telecom


A new, yet unheard of Samsung smartphone has recently received both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth certifications. The Samsung SCH-S759 will support CDMA networks, and will run Windows Phone 7.5. So it could be a CDMA-capable version of the recently announced Omnia M. Unfortunately we don’t know much about the S759 yet. It will have support for […]

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Samsung Galaxy S3 Accessories on video


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Samsung, Intel backed Tizen OS will run Android apps


One of the biggest problems that any new mobile platform suffers is the application ecosystem – users are looking for apps but developers are not interested in developing apps till the platform reaches a critical installed base. It is a typical Catch 22 situation. RIM tried to sort it out with its PlayBook by offering […]

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