Remember! If the flashing process is interrupted (e.g. with KIES) your phone might be very difficult to revive.
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Device Name
OS Version
Build Date
Galaxy AlphaSM-G850FBGLBulgariaG850FXXU2BNK3Android4.4.412.11.20143271345Unlock Download File
SM-N910GSM-N910GSTHSingapore (starhub)N910GDTU1ANK3Android4.4.418.11.20143314010Unlock Download File
SM-T331SM-T331TPAPanamaT331XXU1ANH2Android4. Download File
Galaxy Note 4 (African Countries)SM-N910HCAMN/aN910HXXU1ANK5Android4.4.419.11.20143317544Unlock Download File
Galaxy Note 4 (African Countries)SM-N910HXSEIndonesiaN910HXXU1ANK5Android4.4.419.11.20143317544Unlock Download File
Galaxy Note 4 (African Countries)SM-N910HCACUzbekistanN910HXXU1ANK5Android4.4.419.11.20143317544Unlock Download File
SM-G313MSM-G313MZTOBrazilG313MUBU0ANK1Android4. Download File
Galaxy Young (Latin)GT-S6310LCOON/aS6310LUBAMG2Android4. Download File
Galaxy Tab 8.9 (LTE + WiFi)GT-P7320MGFN/aP7320XXLE3Android3.211.05.2012636762Unlock Download File
Galaxy Tab 8.9 (LTE + WiFi)GT-P7320VDSN/aP7320XXLPMAndroid4.0.422.04.20131217389Unlock Download File
Galaxy Tab 8.9 (LTE + WiFi)GT-P7320TSFN/aP7320XXLPMAndroid4.0.422.04.20131217389Unlock Download File
Galaxy Tab 8.9 (LTE + WiFi)GT-P7320MEON/aP7320XXLPLAndroid4.0.414.03.20131210358Unlock Download File

T-Mobile to release Galaxy S II ICS Update on June 11


T-Mobile has confirmed on Twitter that the impending Android 4.0 aka Ice Cream Sandwich update for Galaxy S II is coming soon. The ICS update for Galaxy S II will arrive on June 11 and apparently, will be available only on Kies. Let’s hope other carriers will join T-Mobile soon. Update as soon as it […]

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Samsung Galaxy S III - Let’s talk design by Samsung Tomorrow


The phone we’ve all been waiting for has officially been announced in London. The Samsung Galaxy S III is being said to be one of the biggest launches of the year. One of the most notable differences between the Galaxy S III and other Galaxy products is the design. The nature-inspired minimal organic design identity […]

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Samsung acquires Swedish fabless Wi-Fi chipset maker Nanoradio


Samsung Electronics this morning announced its acquisition of Nanoradio, a Kista, Sweden-based developer of low-power Wireless LAN chipsets for wireless access in mobile nes, tablets, portable media players, gaming devices and more. Financial terms of the acquisition were not disclosed, but the reasoning behind it is obvious given Samsung’s numerous mobile products. Nanoradio has approximately […]

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Samsung sells 7 million Galaxy Notes and over 50 million Galaxy S and S II devices


Coming just after the international release of its Galaxy S III, Samsung has announced its latest sales figures for the Galaxy S, S II, and Note smartphones. The Galaxy S series duo has now exceeded 50 million sales worldwide, with 24 million Galaxy S and 28 million Galaxy S II handsets sold to date. Its […]

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[VIDEO] Samsung Galaxy S III World Tour 2012: Australia


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Samsung Galaxy S III: Taiwan, Philippines, Vietnam - June 1st / Thailand, Indonesia - June 2nd

Samsung Mobile

As announced by Tyler McGee, Vice President of Samsung Autralia on Samsung Galaxy S III World Tour: Australia, new Samsung's flagship will be available at: Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia - May 31st Taiwan, Philippines, Vietnam - June 1st Thailand, Indonesia - June 2nd

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Samsung Galaxy S III released in Australia - available with all major carriers


The Samsung Galaxy S3 saga has just ended in Australia, where Samsung’s new flagship was unveiled during a Sydney special event and is already up for sale. It all started with an ambiguous official statement three weeks ago, which made us think that Aussie tech users would have to wait for a long time, but, […]

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Further confirmation shows the Galaxy S III arriving in the US on June 20th


We already reported that there is a good possibility that T-Mobile might have the Samsung Galaxy S III in stores on June 20, and we just received further confirmation. During a live stream of the Vodafone GSIII launch in Australia, June 20th was mentioned as the “first stop in its nationwide US tour in New […]

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