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Device Name
OS Version
Build Date
Galaxy S5 PlusSM-G901FATLSpain (vodafone)G901FXXU1CPE1Android6. Download File
Galaxy S5 PlusSM-G901FVD2Germany (vodafone)G901FXXU1CPE1Android6. Download File
Galaxy Tab 4 7.0 (LTE)SM-T235PHESpainT235XXU1BPC2Android5. Download File
Galaxy Core Prime (SM-G361H)SM-G361HTUNTunisiaG361HXXS0APE1Android5. Download File
Galaxy S5 PlusSM-G901FCNXRomania (vodafone)G901FXXU1CPE1Android6. Download File
Galaxy Core Prime (SM-G361H)SM-G361HACRN/aG361HXXS0APE1Android5. Download File
Galaxy Core Prime (SM-G361H)SM-G361HECTNigeriaG361HXXS0APE1Android5. Download File
SM-J105MSM-J105MTPAPanamaJ105MUBU0APE1Android5. Download File
Galaxy Note Edge (SM-N915W8)SM-N915W8BMCCanada (bell)N915W8VLU1CPE2Android6. Download File
Galaxy Tab E 9.6 (3G)SM-T561XFESouth africaT561XXU0APA2Android4.4.425.01.2016908347Unlock Download File
SM-J320MSM-J320MCOBColombia (movistar)J320MUBU0APD2Android5. Download File
Galaxy Core Prime (SM-G361H)SM-G361HXSGUnited arab emiratesG361HXXS0APE1Android5. Download File

phonescoop: Samsung reveals details of JitterBug Plus (SCH-R220) for GreatCall


(click to enlarge) Samsung recently posted information about the SCH-R220 JitterBug Plus to its web site. The JitterBug Plus is an entry-level flip phone that includes a 1.3-megapixel camera, dual displays (2.2″-65K TFT/240×320 Pixels and 1,3″-65K CSTN/128×128 Pixels), Memory 1GB (EFS) + 512MB (RAM), speakerphone, messaging, voice dialing, and the ability to access GreatCall’s operator-assisted […]

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Know Your Cell: Mystery Verizon Samsung Android phone photo leaks (probably SCH-I200 “Jasper”)


We get an exclusive image of what appears to be a Verizon Android phone made by Samsung. Is this the Jasper? A friendly tipster sent us this exclusive picture of a mystery Verizon Samsung device and while we’re not sure what it is, we can definitely say that it’s going to be an Android phone. […]

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CellPhoneSignal: First official pictures of the Galaxy Note for T-Mobile (SGH-T879)


As we told you first, AT&T will not longer be the only US carrier offering the Galaxy Note. T-Mobile will launch its own version of the Note and Navy Blue. We got the first exclusive official pictures of the device. Back in April We were the first telling about the Note coming to the magenta […]

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pocketnow: Samsung SCH-I200 “Jasper” clears FCC with Verizon LTE support


In mid-April, we spotted an unknown Samsung Android in the Bluetooth SIG’s device certification listings, model SCH-I200. After digging around a little, we pulled-up some benchmark results for the handset, which ended up providing a whole bunch of additional details on the phone. The model appeared to be getting ready for Verizon, and was referred […]

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Samsung Mobile Arabia ‘is in the game’ – confirming Galaxy Note 2 way ahead of official lunch


They are on fire i must tell you. Samsung Mobile Arabia have asked a question two days ago but it is just now that someone’s lazy eye spotted that alongside two devices that are already on the market in some regions there is Galaxy Note 2 mentioned that is still in the rumour land. Someone […]

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Engadget: Moving from Cupertino to Mountain View? Samsung’s here to help (update: UK only)


Moving? We all have our reasons, but if you’re transferring your stuff from iOS to a Galaxy device, Samsung and Media Mushroom are there to help with the Easy Phone Sync app. The free software installs on your Galaxy product and a PC or Mac, then shleps your stuff wholesale — media, contacts and all […]

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Patent Bolt: Samsung invents new ways of handling folders on Android


In order to get around Apple’s methodology of handling folders on Android, Samsung has devised a number of interesting new twists that will allow users to quickly scroll through folder items. Another idea will allow a user to build mini stacks of apps or subfolders that are easier to manage quickly. A little competition has […]

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Electronista: Judge Koh restricts Apple vs. Samsung arguments, exhibits


Rules have been established in the latest round of Apple and Samsung’s patent skirmish by Judge Lucy Koh of the US District Court for the Northern District of California during Thursday’s hearings. In addition to agreeing to drop some claims to simplify the case, each side is limited to 25 hours of arguments and 125 […]

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