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Device Name
OS Version
Build Date
Galaxy Note 3 (Snapdragon)SM-N9005ATOAustria (a1)N9005XXUFNG2Android4. Download File
Galaxy S 3 (International)GT-I9300PCTPuerto ricoI9300UBUGML1Android4.317.12.20132320216Unlock Download File
Galaxy S5 (Snapdragon)SM-G900FSERRussiaG900FXXU1ANG2Android4. Download File
Galaxy S5 (Snapdragon)SM-G900FXFNN/aG900FXXU1ANG2Android4. Download File
Galaxy S5 (Snapdragon)SM-G900FXFVSouth africa (vodafone)G900FXXU1ANG2Android4. Download File
Galaxy S5 MiniSM-G800FROMRomaniaG800FXXU1ANG7Android4. Download File
Galaxy S5 (Snapdragon)SM-G900FOMDN/aG900FXXU1ANG2Android4. Download File
Galaxy Note 3 (Exynos)SM-N900SERRussiaN900XXUENG1Android4. Download File
Galaxy Tab S 10.5 (LTE)SM-T805EURGreeceT805XXU1ANFBAndroid4. Download File
Galaxy S5 (Snapdragon)SM-G900FXSGUnited arab emiratesG900FXXU1ANG2Android4. Download File
Galaxy Tab S 10.5 (LTE)SM-T805ROMRomaniaT805XXU1ANFBAndroid4. Download File
SM-G313FSM-G313FSTHSingapore (starhub)G313FXXU0ANG6Android4. Download File

BGR: Shockers from MTS report: Apple slides in Russia as Samsung revenue share explodes


Russian wireless carrier MTS has let loose a treasure trove of information about the state of the local handset market in the first quarter of 2012. The whole report is a smorgasbord of nerd infotainment, but three points pop out immediately. First, we knew that Samsung was taking out the trash in the Russian market. […]

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Engadget: Verizon support blames Samsung for locked bootloader in Galaxy S III (updated)


Verizon cleared up its stance on locking the bootloaders in phones using its network earlier this year. In short: it encourages OEMs to do so, to keep its network humming along as Big Red feels it should. Well, it seems that VZW Support is telling a different story, as it’s laid blame for the Galaxy […]

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Android Police:
Samsung finally posts the Verizon Galaxy S III kernel source files – last of all four major U.S. carriers


Around the middle of last month, Samsung published the source code for the AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint versions of the Galaxy S III to its Open Source Release Center. Mysteriously, the Verizon variant’s code was nowhere to be found – until late last night, anyway. You can now find the kernel source for the Verizon […]

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Tmo News: Samsung Galaxy Note accessories begin trickling into T-Mobile retail owned stores


It’s not always a perfect indicator of a device arriving soon, but the arrival of Samsung Galaxy Note accessories into T-Mobile owned retail stores is a good sign. Accessories can often arrive weeks before a phone launches, although on the same hand they can arrive a day or two before launch. Is it possible that […]

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9TO5 Google: Samsung shows off sharing features in new Galaxy S III ads


Instead of going for an obvious attack on the iPhone like in the past, this time around Samsung is opting for ads that actually focus on the features of the their latest flagship Galaxy device. In Sammy’s latest three Galaxy S III ads (above and below), the company focuses on content sharing capabilities made possible […]

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Bloomberg: Samsung wins U.K. Apple ruling over ‘Not as cool’ Galaxy Tab


Samsung Electronics Co. won an intellectual property ruling against Apple Inc. (AAPL) as a U.K. judge said the Galaxy tablet isn’t “cool” enough to be confused with the design for the iPad. The Galaxy tablet doesn’t infringe Apple’s registered design, Judge Colin Birss said in a ruling today in London. He said that consumers weren’t […]

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Samsung Free form 4 by U.S Cellular (SCH-R390) QWERTY cell phone


With the Samsung Freeform® 4, family and friends are always as close as your phone. You can talk and text, of course – it’s especially easy with the user-friendly QWERTY keyboard and messaging shortcut keys. You can also keep up with your social circle by checking your Twitter® feed, updating your Facebook® status or posting […]

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FOSS PATENTS: Apple’s and Samsung’s pre-trial statement and motions in limine


We’re only about three weeks away from the Apple v. Samsung (and vice versa) trial in California. On Thursday, the parties filed their motions in limine (motions to exclude evidence and arguments), and on Friday, they filed a joint pre-trial conference statement. The parties had previously narrowed their claims. Apple would like to attack 31 […]

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