oled-display: Samsung Display to delay flexible AMOLED production

Samsung Displays goal to start the mass production of flexible full color AMOLED Displays will be not reached. Samsung Display want to improve the AMOLED Display production capacity because of the high demand. One of the reason is the successfully smartphone sector like Galaxy S3.

Samsung display can produce 56.000 glass substrates per month. Samsung want to improve the capacity to 64.000 substrates.

Samsung Display did not say any new date when the korean company is ready to mass produce flexible AMOLEDs.

Key YOUM features:

4.5 inch WVGA (Worlds hightest resolution Flexible Amoled)
Resolution: 480×800
Bending Radius <10mm Weight 2.1 g
Thickness: 0.27mm
color Depth 16.7M
Brightness: 300 cd/m²

Source: http://www.etnews.com
From: http://www.oled-display.net

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