OLED-DISPLAY: Samsung Display explains the manufacturing process of AMOLED

Samsung Display explains in this video the manufacturing process of AMOLED Displays.

Samsung has decided to found a new company for its unprofitable LCD business. The new company named Samsung Display Co. and will be ramp up on 1.April 2012. The new company get 700 million dollars capital and some analyst from Daewoo Securities says that it is possible that Samsung Display will merge with Samsung Mobile Display to focus on OLED-Tv.

On their new website Samsung display is talking about 6 Advantages of AMOLED:

Manufacturing process of AMOLED

Fast Responding

Amoled represents an image with self-glowing characteristic that does not use liquid crystal.
Therefore, it provides a clear screen with afterimages. It also maintains fast responding speed at both low and high temperatures and provides a vivid and clear image.

High Contrast Ratio

With a high contrast ratio of the highest value of 100.000:1 it provides an even clearer and more vivid image.

Outstanding Color Representation

It represents vivid colors with high purity due to a structure that does not require color filter and back light.

Thin and Light

It is the thinnest and lightest display that realizes a simple structure equipped with self glowing organic materials between the upper and lower glasses.

Free Viewing Angle

According to the characteristic that AMOLED is a self glowing display without using liquid crystal, there is no distortion on the frame of an image and colors in any angles.

Operation with Low Power consumption

AMOLED is the most eco friendly display with an efficient structure requiring a low amount of energy consumption that only a specific spot in need of the light flow represents the image.

From: http://www.oled-display.net
Source: http://www.samsungdisplay.com

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