Oled-Display: Galaxy Note II or III with flexible AMOLED?

Samsung Display introduce YOUM the flexible AMOLED displays in the next few months. Now there are rumors that the Galaxy Note 2 or 3 features a flexible AMOLED Display. But it is not possible because Samsung Display can not mass produce a 5.5 inch flexible Amoled yet. Only prototypes but not a mass production can be possible.

Korea IT Times:

The Flexible AMOLED by Samsung’s 5-inch Galaxy Note 2, due to be released late this year will also be discussed. Two other noted authorities in the display sector are from Japan and the UK. Yasuhiro Koike, Professor from Keio University will present the status of photonics polymer used in face-to-face communication while Henning Sirringhaus, Professor from the University of Cambridge, is going to speak about low-temperature, solution-processible organic and oxide semiconductors for flexible electronics.

From: http://www.oled-display.net

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