[NEWS] Windows Phone 8 coming by year’s end with elements of Windows 8

Samsung has told TechRadar that it will be bringing out Windows Phone 8 handsets when the new platform is announced.

With Windows Phone Tango making a low-key entry into the market at MWC 2012, the focus is now on Windows Phone Apollo (or Windows Phone 8 as it will formally be known) for the future for the top brands.

Matt Brum, head of product management at Samsung, said that the company would be working with Microsoft to bring WP8 products to the market at the end of the year:

“We’re very much still focusing on Windows, and still have products in that area. We’re committed to delivering their products going forward.”
More phones on the way

“There will be more products, and the key thing for us is making sure we hit the right price points and segments for our customers.

“[Windows Phone 8] is coming at the end of the year, and will increase the capability of the platform, and Samsung is looking to optimise its devices on that.

Brum also pointed out that Samsung is looking to tell a slightly different ‘story’ from its rivals when it comes to integrating Microsoft products, hinting strongly at a Windows 8 tablet too:

“We’re very excited about [Windows Phone 8], as we’re one of very few manufacturers that can do the convergence story that we can – so the fact that Windows 8 covers everything from tablets to laptops to phones is very cool.”

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