[NEWS] Samsung Tablet Gets FCC Nod

Going through the device certification filings that the FCC published today, an entry from Samsung caught our eye. Diving into the paperwork, it quickly became apparent that we’re dealing with a new tablet here, but just which one might it be?

The device in question is Samsung model number SHV-E150S. A little Googling of that number turns up the WiFi certification the tablet received late last month, but little else. The number itself gives us some clue as to what it might be, as SHV-E140S is the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 LTE for SK Telecom in Korea.

We’ve been looking forward to an LTE-enabled version of the Tab 7.7 for Verizon; could that be what we’re looking at? The size of the tablet looks about right for the Tab 7.7. On the other hand the frequency support outlined in these documents doesn’t fit with a Verizon device – in fact, there’s no mention of LTE at all. The only band the SHV-E150S is certified to operate on is 1900MHz. Now, maybe we’re looking at another Korean model here, with LTE support, but on frequencies that the FCC wouldn’t bother to consider for US operation. Failing any other working theories on the E150S, that might be the most likely scenario.

Via: http://pocketnow.com
Sources: FCC & WiFi Alliance

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