Samsung includes extended battery with Galaxy Nexus purchases … starting on March 29th until May 10th

So let’s be real here. The Samsung Galaxy Nexus was a bit of a let down when it was announced, and then moreso when it was actually released due to a few software glitches and other bugs. The battery life for users in the wild has varied depending on who you ask, but apparently there’s been enough naysayers for Samsung to do something about it. Starting on March 29th, (errr….last Thursday, as it were) and through May 10th, Samsung will be offering a free 2100 mAh battery along with the back door with every Galaxy Nexus purchase from Samsung Direct. That’s a decent chunk of extra power over the stock battery, but of course then the question becomes, “Is it worth the extra bulk?” That’s a question only the user can answer, but at least they’ve got the option, and it’s a good step from Samsung for manning up and offering the battery.


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