[NEWS] Most Legit Samsung Galaxy S III Image Leak to Date, possibly ‘good fake’

UPDATE: Same as with last render this one is not showing final product but it is one of the latest revisions – tweeted Eldar Murtazin

UPDATE: Eldar Murtazin tweeted again calling this picture a ‘good fake’ made by a person who saw the phone one time and made a render.

As far as concepts and mock designs go, this is probably the most believable rendition of the Samsung Galaxy S III we have ever seen, even if it could be a fake.

So are we looking at Samsung’s next flagship Android smartphone? Just by the design alone, we know a lot of Samsung fans out there are hoping that this is the real deal. But http://allaboutsamsung.de/ — the blog that discovered the leaked image – presents some compelling reasons to believe that this is indeed the much awaited Galaxy S III. It all centres around the small logo print you see at the bottom right corner of the image that reads “Webber Shandwick Worldwide”.

allaboutsamsung.de argues that in Germany, Weber Shandwick — one of (if not) the largest PR agency in the world — has Samsung as one of its key account. The blog postulates that the image could have originated from an internal product briefing that the agency conducted in preparation for a special Samsung Unpacked event that is apparently scheduled to happen on May 22 in London just before the Olympics. The blog says that Samsung is going to use the 2012 Olympics as a major platform to market the Galaxy S III to a worldwide audience.

Assuming that the image is real, we can see a great deal about the design of the Galaxy S III. Most obvious is the ultra-thin design (very likely to be under 8mm thin), then there’s an additional front-facing loudspeaker located right at the bottom of the home button which is in line with the current trend of Samsung devices like the revised Galaxy Tab 10.1, the Galaxy S WiFi 4.2 and the Galaxy Note 10.1.

In addition, for the first time, Samsung has also added a dedicated camera button on the Galaxy smartphone. This suggests that the new Samsung flagship is a serious digital shooter as well. And then, there’s also that very thin bezel flanking a possible HD Super AMOLED display packing at least 720p resolution or perhaps even more. We’re guessing that the screen size would be around 4.7-inches but to be entirely honest we’re not sure if that thin bezel design is going to be practical. Having a bezel means you can comfortably hold the device without accidentally tapping on the screen. We’re not sure how Samsung is going to overcome this.

So what do you think? Is this the real deal Galaxy S III? If it is, what are your thoughts on the design? It looks rather humdrum and cheap to us.

Source: http://allaboutsamsung.de
Via: http://www.soyacincau.com


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