Mobile World L!ve: Samsung reveals lessons learnt from early Tizen work

APPS WORLD, LONDON: The evolution of the mobile OS Tizen has taught its development team a number of lessons ahead of the first handset launch next year, according to Samsung’s lead evangelist for Tizen, Cheng Luo.

Discussing the development of the Linux-based platform for smartphones, which marries the former MeeGo efforts of Intel and Nokia with the work of the LiMo Foundation and is backed by Samsung (among other industry heavyweights), Luo said that the need for all participants to use open standards such as HTML5 when developing the OS has become apparent.

However, he added that HTML5 has been overhyped; despite a lot of “cool stuff”, it is limited by its frame rate. Luo added that the technology should not be used to compete with native apps but more to “fill in the gaps” in functionality.

In terms of licensing and governance, the best long-term strategy has been found to be “transparent governance”, according to Luo.

Luo also stressed the importance of industry support for Tizen to succeed. “To make open source projects move ahead we need strong leaders. You can’t build a healthy ecosystem without industry leaders,” he said. As well as Samsung, Tizen is backed by the likes of Docomo, Intel, NEC, Panasonic, Orange, SK Telecom, Sprint and Vodafone.

The alpha version of the Tizen 2.0 SDK was recently launched, including an improved integrated development environment, user interface framework and a greater number of device APIs. The first Tizen-powered device is due to be released next year, Luo confirmed.


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