Leaked internal document mentioning Espresso tabs and Galaxy S3 … if not fake

Document itself is said to be some internal jazz regarding Smart TVs and compatibility with Smart View app. My theory is that those two Espresso 10 and Espresso 7 must be both Galaxy Tab 2 devices (my guess-got nothing to prove it), but have no idea why are they called this way. What is more interesting is the Samsung Galaxy S3 mention – sadly to us with undetermined date of bringing the compatibility to the device but if this document is real this is the first time that Samsung Galaxy S3 is mentioned/confirmed by Samsung. Might be also someone faking this and now laughing his ass of my theories :) Judge it for yourself:

From: http://www.frandroid.com

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  1. […] A Korean Samsung insider informed netbooknews.com, that Samsung has stopped the production of the GT-P 5100 aka Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 so that it can be upgraded with a Quadcore cpu! Internally the tablet has the code name “Espresso” which actually clears up some rumors about a new tablet that was going to be released under this name, it was so obvious, was laughing my ass off reading those who claimed that those are two new separate ta…. […]

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