KNOW YOUR CELL: Samsung’s Galaxy Note hits T-Mobile on August 8 + camera samples

Samsung’s Galaxy Note is slated to hit T-Mobile late this summer. The popular smartphone wasn’t exactly a hit with industry watchers when it first hit Europe in October 2011, which may or may not have something to do with T-Mobile having to wait a lengthy 10 months to receive it.

Numerous tech sites poked fun at the device (intomobile, for one, readily admits to this) and plenty of smartphone users were skeptical, too. At first, it seemed like folks just weren’t quite sure how to react to the handset’s awkward 5.3-inch size. Was it a smartphone, or a tiny tablet? Nobody still quite knows how to handle that one, typically referring to Samsung’s Galaxy Note as a “phablet.”

While that word itself is pretty stupid (seriously, just go ahead and try to use that in a serious conversation … yeah, exactly), it sums up the device’s functions quite well. The Note features everything you’d expect from a smartphone, but it’s also larger than the average smartphone, making it more functional like a tablet. It’s pretty basic stuff we’re dealing with here.

As it turns out, phablets (yeah, I’m just gonna roll with it) are where it’s at. All of that early skepticism didn’t make a difference for Samsung; the company announced just last month that sales of its Galaxy Note surpassed seven million units (in March we heard that it was already over 5 million). And that number is sure to grow with the Note’s arrival to T-Mobile beginning August 8.

There are also camera samples leaked by Tmo Newss…


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