intomobile: JPMorgan – Samsung sold 6.5m Galaxy S III units in Q2, will sell 15m in Q3

Samsung’s Galaxy S III is, without a shadow of a doubt, the most advanced Android smartphone on the market today. According to the French newspaper Les Échos, the analysts at JPMorgan estimate that Samsung sold 6.5 million GSIII units during the second quarter (April through June) of this year and they’re on track to sell 15 million more during the quarter (July through September) we’re currently in. That’s over 20 million units in just six months! Will their estimate turn out to be correct? Let’s look back at the Galaxy S II. That took five months to sell 10 million units. It should be noted though that it took the GSII about half a year to cross the pond and reach America. Things are different with the GSIII. It launched in Europe in late May and it’s scheduled to hit all four of America’s major operators later this month. So again, does 30+ million in six months sound right? It sure does to us!

But what about the other Anroid handsets on the market? There’s the One X, but even HTC recently admitted that it’s not selling as well as they had hoped it would. And of course there’s the Galaxy Nexus, but people don’t seem so keen on buying a phone that’s eight months “old”. That’s obviously preposterous since the Galaxy Nexus is the only phone on the market that runs Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, but minor niggles aside, what other Android phones are worth buying?

That’s a hard question to answer since everything out there is just so … boring. When it comes to budget devices, sure you can buy a $200 device like the HTC One V on Virgin Mobile, but why would you when $350 gets you a Galaxy Nexus? The difference between a $200 phone and a $350 phone over a period of two years comes out to just $6.25 per month.


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