Galaxy SIII upgrades: Camera and Video

Smartphone cameras have become increasingly important in our age of social media, and recent upgrades to the GALAXY S Ⅲ camera and video are making my life a lot better. In this article, I’ll take a look at some of the improvements and let you know what’s new.

Talking about the camera first, let’s focus on the simple act of taking photos. When people take a picture, they have to hold their poses and wait for the shutter to snap. However, GALAXY S Ⅲ camera features zero shutter lag allowing you to take photos without any delay. Now you can capture every single moment! Also, you can take consecutive shots just by pressing the capture button again and again.

The first two core functions of GALAXY S Ⅲ’s camera that I’d like to introduce are Burst Shot and Best Photo.

Burst Shot is a function for taking 20 shots consecutively at a high speed when high-speed shooting is needed. You can convert them to GIF files later for image editing, and you can use this function to capture a moving object or just a single moment.

Using Burst Shot is very simple.

Just enter “Best Shot” mode and hit the capture button; make sure to hold on to the button for a while until it quickly takes 20 consecutive shots. While you hold the button down, the number of shots will keep increasing one by one.

Next up is the Best Photo function which you can turn on at the top of the Best Shot mode. Best Photo supports anti-shake, smile shot, and anti-blink. It takes eight pictures consecutively and automatically chooses the best one for you!

This makes taking shots super-convenient. When you take photos, you probably have taken plenty of pictures where your friends have their eyes closed or snapped blurry photos. Now, that problem can be easily solved with Best Photo function because it figures out the optimal photo for you. You can see the thumbs up icon on the picture below, representing the photo that you smart camera chose for you.

Also, have you ever had difficulties taking pictures of yourself? Often times, when you take a picture of yourself, it’s very easy lose focus and often very difficult to shift the lens. It can be very annoying, so GALAXY S III camera solved this inconvenient problem through the use of voice recognition. Voice recognition functions are loaded on the camera, and so you can just say something like “cheese” or “smile” to take a picture instead of pressing the button. As you can see from the pictures, I was able to take a self-portrait without actually holding the camera.

Another amazing function is the panorama function. This function is very useful for wide backgrounds, scenery, or night views. You access this feature by steadily pressing the camera button, and then slowly moving the lens to capture the wide image. You can see all your captures taken with a wide background in the camera screen. Want to know how to use it?

Can you see the blue line on the camera screen in the pictures above? They guide you to take picture by framing the scene.

Finally, let me introduce this camera’s HDR function. This function allows you to control the darkness and brightness as you set up the exposure values. To show you the difference, I’ve posted two photos below so that you can see the same pictures and compare how different they are.

The picture on the left was taken using the HDR-Mode and the right one used normal-mode. You can see the left hand side picture looks much brighter and clearer. Likewise, according to the set of the exposure value, you can take vivid and clear pictures. It really helps when you’re taking a picture with backlight or in a dark environment.

Up next I want to talk about the upgraded video function.

One of the most attractive points of GALAXY S III is being able to use the camera and video at the same time as well as to have clear video quality. You can also record a video with 1080P Full-HD. When you record a video, you can set various modes such as Black and White or Negative mode. It supports a format for MMS attachments, and you can keep track of the size of the video file on the screen.

The most innovative function of GALAXY S III is that it allows you to take a picture while you record a video. When a photo is taken, it will be saved automatically and start to record the video immediately without pausing.

As I mentioned earlier, these innovations of GALAXY S III are game-changers. Burst Shot, Best Photo, Voice Recognition, Panorama and HDR functions make this camera better than ever. Moreover, the simultaneous use of video and camera is an impressive display of technology.

Now that Galaxy S III camera’s functions are so much improved, it makes my life so much easier and makes me more inclined to take and share more photos.


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