Galaxy S4 Google Edition is now available at Google Play Store



Finally, the awaited Galaxy S4 Google Edition – with stock Android experience, went on sale yesterday. Configuration wise, the device is identical to Galaxy S4 Snapdragon version (GT-I9505), the only difference is that ‘Google Edition’ doesn’t have all the S-branded applications and TouchWiz Nature UX system tweaks .

And though the phone offers a ‘Nexus-Like’ experience, the software updates will not be handled directly by Google (like the Nexus line devices), but the OEM who decides to release such device – in this case Samsung.

However, this does not mean that users will have to wait longer for software updates. Hugo Barra confirmed during the Google’s I/O keynote that the phone will “receive system updates promptly with every Android platform update,” which maybe few days/weeks after Google’s Nexus devices but definitely faster (we hope so..) than running Android with TouchWiz UI.


 AOSP head engineer Jean-Baptiste Queru answered the “Are there plans to release binary images, like those at ?” question.

JBQ: “There are no such plans. If anything happens in that domain, that’ll be handled directly by HTC and Samsung.”


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