Galaxy Note 10.1 / Wi-fi in Korea (SHW-M480K, SHW-M480S, SHW-M480W, SHW-M485W)

Awaiting the official device reveal we summed up the publicly aviable info regaarding Galaxy Note 10.1 and Galaxy Note 10.1 Wifi for Korea, as You always see other device names there, we decided to make small roundup of information on those devices to give You a little bit of info prior official launch.

We do not know if those mentioned devices would be revealed at Hong Kong, 9th August by Samsung or if will we see international release there. Depends if the launch will be for Asia or selected countries in the region. For the moment N8000ZCALH1 is most advanced build seen according to our sources.

You could of course see it allready in this world first Galaxy Note 10.1 review by Korean blogger.


SHW-M480S // Galaxy Note 10.1 for SKT – July 02, 2012 / – no date / – 2012-07-03 / – 2012-07-04

SHW-M480K // Galaxy Note 10.1 for KT – June 21, 2012 / – no date / – 2012-06-27 / – 2012-07-04

SHW-M480W // Galaxy Note 10.1 for Anycall – May 17, 2012 / – no date / – 2012-06-27 / – 2012-07-17

SHW-M485W // Galaxy Note 10.1 LTE – July 12, 2012 / – none found / – none found / – 2012-07-17

UPDATE 06.08: What is interesting samsung pushed a kernel/platform source to it’s opensource center of reviion LG6 for both SHW-M480K and SHW-M480S available for download here.

Also we got this info regarding firmware from our insider.


We do not know at the moment why are there BT/DLNA certificates missing for SHW-M485W,
we did not recive any firmware info from our insider on SHW-M480W and SHW-M485W.

We guess that both SHW-M480W and SHW-M485W are Galaxy Note 10.1 Wi-fi versions. While SHW-M485W would be some model finished and released adter world-wide launch. But this is pure speculation not backed up by any facts.

UPDATE 06.08: According to Samsung Press Release SHW-M485W is Galaxy Note 10.1 WiFi-and-LTE – available later this year.

This article is developing.

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