Eurodriod: Consequences by Samsung out now for Samsung devices and others

As well as announcing that streaming music app we’ve been unnaturally obsessed with for ages today, Samsung has also just released a bizarre drawing game that goes by the name Consequences by Samsung. It’s a modern take on the traditional group drawing game, where you fold up a bit of paper and someone draws the head, then someone does the body, then someone else does the feet – WITH HILARIOUS CONSEQUENCES.

You know, the sort of thing people did for fun when they were young in the 1980s. Here’s what it looks like on Android:


Samsung says Consequences is available for the Galaxy Note and Galaxy Tab 10.1, although we’re able to install in on just about every Android device we’ve used. So perhaps there’s a permissions error at the moment. It’s here if you want a bit of paper-bending, drawing fun.


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