Engadget: Samsung patent uses tiny, bright pixels to create seamless folding displays

Creating a seamless display in a foldable device can go a long way towards selling customers on the notion that two screens are better than one: otherwise, you end up with a disjointed effect. Samsung has been trying to solve that problem for years, but a newly-granted US patent could represent one of its more direct answers. The technique would put smaller yet bright pixels right at the joints between two displays, letting Samsung push the screen borders closer together while ramping up the brightness to have those edge pixels blend in with the rest. As Samsung would rely on self-lit display technologies like OLED, it could tune the brightness of those tiny pixels relatively easily, without having to lean on complex backlighting. Given that the patent was originally filed in South Korea back in 2006, there’s no indication that Samsung is in a rush to start producing foldable phones and tablets. Having a US patent under its belt right as larger mobile OLED screens become viable, however, could come in handy.

Source: http://patft.uspto.gov
From: http://www.engadget.com

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