Download the Samsung GALAXY Note S Pen SDK Unity Extension now!

The S Pen SDK Unity Extension (Unity plug-in) for the GALAXY Note is now available for developers working with Unity, the feature rich, fully integrated development engine for creation of interactive 3D content. Unity apps developed with the S Pen SDK Unity Extension plug-in can provide S Pen’s drawing canvas to an app for drawing an image for 3D object texture mapping.

The S Pen SDK Unity Extension provides SCanvasView, which has the full drawing functionality of the S Pen canvas, such as pen brush, eraser, fill bucket, color picker, image insertion, undo/redo, settings view and even texture mapping from a result image for Unity developers. Developers can now add a customizable canvas to their games, allowing the users to create their own images, which are immediately usable inside the game. The S Pen interface, already familiar to millions of Samsung Galaxy Note series users, makes it an easy and intuitive way to customize your application.

Features in the S Pen SDK Unity Extension 1.0 (Unity plug-in) include:

A fully functional SCanvasView is available.

- A pre-implemented SCanvasView includes a menu, pen brush, eraser, fill bucket, color picker, image insertion, undo/redo, save as texture, and all of the various setting windows.

2 types of Pre-implemented SCanvasView are provided.

- the SCanvasView as full-screen Activity is provided
- the SCanvasView as SCanvasView on Unity3D view is provided

The SCanvasView layout is customizable.

- By setting layout parameters for an SCanvasView in Unity scripts, you can customize the SCanvasView layout.

Download the S Pen Unity Extension at


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