Canadian Samsung Galaxy S III – June 20th – LTE, 1.5GHz Snapdragon S4, 2GB of RAM

While Samsung pushes its newest flagship, the Galaxy S III, out all over the world, a few markets have been rumored to get a version with modified guts. Rumors previously circulated that the Japanese variant of the device would include twice the RAM of its global counterpart, and now we’re hearing straight from Samsung that the Canadian variant will, in fact, come with 2GB of RAM. Additional internal changes include a 1.5GHz S4 processor (sorry, no quad-core Exynos in the Great White North), and LTE.

While the rumors of a Japanese variant including 2GB of RAM were not yet officially confirmed, this certainly lends a huge amount of credence to the story. It might also mean that the US variants will have similar specs. The S4 processor seems to be included in any market that needs LTE radios, so with most major US carriers planning or possessing an LTE network, the likelihood that the US versions will include the S4, and by extension the 2GB of RAM, is pretty high.

Speculation aside, Canada, at least, is confirmed to get these beastly specs. The device will launch on June 20th, less than a month after the initial global launch. It looks like Samsung is even getting better about releasing phones more quickly. Color us pleased.


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