[UPDATE] Value Pack Update starting to roll out for Galaxy S/K/U – South Korea and Europe

As promised by Samsung at the end of 2011 here comes the Vale Pack Update for first generation of Galaxy devices (or at least some). The system update to compensate to users lack of ICS update for what is i think most popular Samsung smartphone today, witch sold in over 30 million units world wide. New Gingerbread build gives ICS-like features like Face Unlock, Photo Editor, Snapshot while video recording, improved Folders and more.

For the moment update is available only for SHW-M110S (Anycall Galaxy S variant) / SHW-M130L (Galaxy U) and SHW-M130K (aka Galaxy K made for KT). Those are all Korean variants of Galaxy S made for that particular market and carriers.

As seen with earlier updates that rolled out first in South Korea, very soon (sometimes even same day) the same update rolled out for Galaxy S international version. So be patient, do not try to flash Korean firmware on international version because this will mess up your phone when done wrong (and lost IMEI is least that can happen).

!! UPDATE !!
And here it is! Value Pack for GT-i9000 for XEO (Europe) and TMN (Portugal) regions.



For Dirrect Download links please follow to the Latest Firmware section.

Source: http://www.samsung.com

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