[BREAKING NEWS] Some info on GT-I9300 and picture ‘leaked’

Just moments ago i have found a picture that is alleged to be taken with GT-I9300. File name (20120308_175456_HDR (1).jpg) suggests that it is a HDR picture taken with GT-I9300 on what looks like desk of Samsung employee (tabs, pen, chargers …). Dimensions of the picture are 3264 × 2448 what suggests 8.1 Mpix camera. My assumption is that the device have no flash but as i was pointed flash might have not been used during the picture sequence. Here is the picture itself (click to enlarge):

And here is original picture -> LINK

On top of that what we already know i have found a bit more info about picture taken same day on same device, we can see that firmware used taking this picture is I9300XXALB3 with a bunch other information about the picture. Here it is:

As a personal comment i would add that i am VERY disappointed with all the ‘leaked’ or using better words ‘assumed as made with i9300’ pictures that i have already seen. All camera modules used by phones positioned at the top Samsung shelf simply need a good light conditions, otherwise pictures are grainy.

Having in mind few announcements made by Samsung regarding CMOS image sensors for future devices #1 & #2 presented photos have very low quality. Of course if they are legit.

Picassa #1: https://picasaweb.google.com
Picassa #2: https://picasaweb.google.com

Thanks for http://www.allaboutsamsung.de

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