[BREAKING NEWS] SGS 3 photo leaked by a Samsung employee … on reddit … a fake ?

At the post we can read that at the moment phone have two launchers Touchwizz and ICS, not sure if they just have not finished tweaking Touchwizz for new system or if Samsung will try a new approach of delivering two launchers to pick from for end user. As we can see front is almost bezel less still some space was needed for camera of course on top and mic and speakers – it is not edge to edge display as we saw on first alleged render. The display itself will be 4.7″ Super Amoled Plus with HD and phone will have “micro arc oxidation” flat back (no more bump like on SGS1 or SGS2). Whole phone is alleged to be 8mm thick packed with 2250 mAh battery. On other things confirmed in this post is the Exynos quad-core 4412 processor, phone camera is 12 Mpix with flash, there are 2 GB’s of phone memory available for system/user files, no word on internal storage space.

Less information Samsung will share more such leaks we will see and most of them will be most probably fakes by people that needs attention. It is really hard to determine the if this particular guy just needs attention or in fact is presenting to us few information and a blurry photo of SGS3.

Here is the same picture brightened a bit. Much more important tho are all the new facts about the phone that leaked with this photo.

Source: http://www.reddit.com
From: http://www.androidpolice.com

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