BREAKING NEWS: Galaxy S / Galaxy Tab can be upgraded to ICS but Samsung will not do it

Samsung Tomorrow – official blog of Samsung corp. made/posted an announcement/statement regarding Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab series and very awaited “Ice Cream Sandwich” update. It is the same place that first announced the devices that WILL have an upgrade so it is a reliable source.

The announcement itself is in Korean but thanks to Google :) we were able to transalte it a bit to understand what follows:

Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab are CAPABLE to run AOSP build of “Ice Cream Sandwich” but there will be no upgrade because various hardware specifications are required for stable use of “Ice Cream Sandwich”, especially available RAM and ROM are important.

Due to Samsung specific software like: TouchWizz, Samsung Widgets, Mobile TV (Samsung own words:) and all the carriers blootware (that is not aviable on Nexus S), Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab will not run well the “Ice Cream Sandwich” update.

Therefore Samsung decided not to update those devices.


Our comment: Shame on You Samsung… Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab all well fitted to run the “Ice Cream Sandwich” so the only problem that comes to our mind is the bloody TouchWizz interface and Samsung willing to sell us more of their new devices. Looks like Samusng is not ready to reach out to the 20 millions (Galaxy S seriers alone) of their customers and release close to AOSP version of the update. Thankfully we have developer community that is doing well will fully port “Ice Cream Sandwich” from Nexus S – would be VERY WISE from Samsung from Public Reltions poinf of view to help those developers by releasing every possible sources.

Till then we have such amazing port-projects like Onecosmic’s ICS Port Android 4.0.3 RC1 that shows HOW FINE can “Ice Cream Sandwich” run on Galaxy S device – click the link to read more. We truly hope that Samsung at least will support dev community in their efforts…


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