BREAKING NEWS: Galaxy S may get a Value Pack Upgrade instead of Android 4.0

According to our friends from Sammyhub:

It seems Samsung will stand by its original decision after all. However, there will be a slight change as Samsung is thinking of providing a Value Pack to Galaxy S users instead of a full-fledged Android 4.0 update.

Although the phone will stay at Android 2.3, the Value Pack will try to enhance some features like improved web browsing, multi-tasking, new widgets etc. to bring the experience as close as Ice Cream Sandwich.

Samsung earlier this month adopted a similar strategy for its Wave 525 and Wave 533 devices. Instead of offering bada 2.0 to both the devices, Samsung promised to provide a Value Pack upgrade which tries to offer the “same bada 2.0 user experience and service as much as possible despite the hardware limitations.”

Our comment: Seems like Samsung is not taking 20 millions of Galaxy S series seriously after all. Especially “despite the hardware limitations” sounds funny. They still think we are their loyal fan-boys that will not check how is “Ice Cream Sandwich” running on Nexus S. Yet still this is no official Samsung statement regarding this update, same as the re-evaluating news. Guess Samsung via leaks of information will try to check what is peoples reaction on different scenarios.

SAMSUNG: We want “Ice Cream Sandwich” update or full sources letting us port it!

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