Birth of the GALAXY Camera – a chat with the masterminds behind the project

We talk. We text. We have phones and smartphones for that. But communication isn’t bound to these categories anymore. People increasingly want to share what they see, and that’s how Galaxy Camera came to be.

Mission: Lead the ‘Era of Visual Communication’

The digital camera market is changing quickly. Samsung noticed that, compared to the past when pictures were printed and saved in albums, users want to easily take pictures, edit right away, and share today. People want immediate access to their photos, for their own personal viewing and to share with their friends and family.

Samsung predicted this change in consumer trend, and developed a product to suit the changing needs of the user. Samsung applied consumers’ needs to development of GALAXY Camera as well as following the trend of changing digital camera market. Samsung’s Digital Imaging Business Department employees created a masterpiece of a digital camera, GALAXY Camera, and released it through Samsung Mobile Unpacked 2012.

Combining a Number of Top-Class Technologies

In order to develop GALAXY Camera, Digital Imaging Business Department employees first concerned what they can do best. Samsung is well known as the leading manufacturer of smartphones, selling a lot of Android devices. Therefore Samsung was a natural partner for the production of a smart camera based on this platform. From image sensor to lens, the GALAXY Camera features optical technologies that have been accumulated over 30 years as well as top-of-the-industry memory and wireless communication technologies.

Then Samsung did what it does best – bring together its leading technologies to create new, innovative products. In this case, the GALAXY Camera is the result of hard work and cooperation of the engineers at Samsung Digital Imaging and Samsung Mobile. Each department played their part, with Digital Imaging handling the “optical technologies” such as crafting the lens and sensor, and Mobile demonstrating their expertise in wireless connectivity as well as the Android platform. And what happens when you put these geniuses together? GALAXY Camera.

Unique features of GALAXY Camera

Of course ‘Galaxy Camera’ features Android platform 4.1 (Jelly Bean) so that you can take, edit, and share pictures without the fuss of connecting to a computer. And all this is done without the limits of place and time, using not only WiFi but also 3G or 4G communication networks*. But there are also some unique features that make the Galaxy Camera even more special.

The ‘Smart Pro’ function allows you to direct various photo-capturing environments, which help make your photos go from amateur to professional with a few pushes of the buttons. This helps you take full advantage of Galaxy Camera’s 16 million-pixel BSI (Back Side Illumination) CMOS image sensor.

‘ShareShot’ function transfers pictures in real-time to nearby smart devices using WiFi-Direct.

Also, it features ‘Voice Control’ which allows you to control the capture functions such as zoom-in or zoom-out by voice, making it easier for the consumers to take pictures.

As with any Samsung product, great thought and foresight went into the development of the Galaxy Camera. We hope this helps your photos be remembered for years to come.


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