Bandwidth and Hotfile – Important Informations wants to provide You with fastest possible download (free of charge or registration) of as many of Samsung firmwares as possible. You know well that we offer very good download speeds compared to hostings like Hotfile as we host all those firmwares.

As the amount hosted content grows the user base grows more and more rapidly. What has started as small after hours project now needs much more attention and what is most important eats more money than it generates.

To keep providing You all with fastest and latest (free of charge or registration) firmware downloads and latest news we need to buy new faster servers as the user base grows (and it is growing like crazy) and invest a lot in extended bandwidth.

Now our hosting made extending one terabyte of data over the limit ten times more expensive as it was earlier, and You guys can drain a TB of data in less than a day.

That is why we are asking for Your donations.

Consider even smallest donation to take on Yourself some of the monthy costs of our service. We will appreciate any help.

Ask Us any questions if You like.

For now as we used our monthly bandwidth therefore we switched to Hotfile and we are considering making dirrect download with full speed from our servers accesable for registered users for a small monthly donation, equivalent of one or two beers. But for sure every month untill our bandwidth will be drained you will be able to download with full speed for a week or two.

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