Android Guys: More Galaxy Stellar details slip out, Samsung choosing Amazon over Google Play?

For such a mid-range device, information about the Galaxy Stellar has been more abundant than usual. First we saw it in some leaked images, with the name “Jasper,” and then a leaked inventory sheet outed the Stellar name. This past Monday, we got a few more details on the device, along with several other Samsung goodies, and now Droid-Life has found some more juicy information. According to the image, the Stellar will be priced at $99 (after a $50 mail-in rebate), which seems reasonable for a device of those specs.

Here’s where it gets interesting. According to the information, the Stellar will come preloaded with something called Starter Mode, and will apparently be packed with Amazon App Store. It’s unclear at this point as to if Amazon is the primary app store on the device, instead of the Play Store. It’ll be interesting to see where this goes as we uncover more information. Still no release date for the Galaxy Stellar, but we’ll keep searching.


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