Android 4.3 available for T-Mobile version of Galaxy S 3 (SGH-T999)

Today is a good day for T-Mobile Galaxy S 3 (SGH-T999) owners. With the global rollout of 4.3 for various devices, the T-Mobile version of this great smartphone is one of first for which the update was released.

The update brings major improvements to TouchWiz UX, tweaks, additions and updates to Samsung’s own software, support for Galaxy Gear wearable “smartwatch”, KNOX support, and of course Android-related improvements like TRIM support, better memory management, drivers, and many other optimizations in OS core.

Released firmware details are:

Device: Galaxy S 3 (T-Mobile)

Model: SGH-T999

OS: Android Jelly Bean 4.3

Build Date: 30.10.2013



Modem: T999UVDMD5

Changelist: 1962493

Region: TMB (T-Mobile)

And as always you can download stock firmware for T-Mobile version of Galaxy S 3  (SGH-T999) smartphone on its firmware page, or using KIES if you already own the device.

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I am unable to download pictures from my Samsung Galaxy S3 Android. Nothing happens when I plug in the USB. Can anyone help me?


i have samsung t999 it was working good untill i put it to charge when i turned it on the sreen shows only samsung galaxy s 3 and freezes there what can i do?


hi, I want to update my s3 (t999) is the problem about the wifi issues still exist in this update??? thankyou )


Hi is Anybody here?

May I plz have some help. i change the lcd to my  SGH-T999 to a brand new Lcd and i cant see anything yet, i have two brand new LCD and they both black the phone sounds gut and the lights but the scree still blank... 


Santino: Hi, thank you for contacting Samsung Technical Support. How may I help you today?

Fadeel: yes hi

Santino: Hello Fadeel, please go ahead with the question.

Fadeel: ever since the new 4.3 android update on my phone, I have been having a lot of wifi connectivity issues

Fadeel: I am constantly getting "the internet connection via this wifi network is unstable"

Santino: I am sorry to know that you are facing issue on the device after updating.

Santino: I understand your concern.

Santino: I will try my best to fix the issue on the device.

Santino: Please provide me the model number of the device. Please tap on Home screen >> Apps>>settings  >> about device/about phone or you can find the model number beneath the phone's battery  generally starts with SGH, SCH or SPH.

Fadeel: SGH-T999

Santino: Thank you for the model number.

Santino: Please provide the Baseband version of the device, From the Home screen, touch Menu  > Settings  > About device > Baseband version.

Fadeel: T999UVUEMJC

Santino: Thank you.

Santino: Were you facing this issue on the device before updating the firmware?

Fadeel: NOPE

Santino: Are you facing this issue with all Wi-fi networks or particular network?

Fadeel: all

Santino: May I know the exact error message displayed while you try connecting the device to Wi-fi network?

Fadeel: it does not have trouble connecting. the problem is after it conencts it says "The internet connection via this WiFi network is unstable. "

Santino: Thank you for all the information provided.

Santino: Let us perform few troubleshooting steps on the device to isolate the issue.

Fadeel: ok

Santino: Please perform the Soft Reset. This will refresh the internal circuitry on the phone.  It will not erase any data.

Santino: Please follow the steps mentioned below to perform a soft reset on your Phone:

Santino: 1. Turn off the handset.

Santino: 2. Remove the battery and wait for 30 seconds.

Santino: 3. Reinsert the battery and turn ON the device.

Fadeel: ok

Santino: Please keep me posted while you perform the steps above on device.

Fadeel: ok good to go

Santino: Have you performed the steps above?

Fadeel: yes

Santino: Please try connecting the device to Wi-fi network and check if the issue resolved.

Fadeel: ok

Fadeel: error popped up again

Santino: Sorry to know that.

Santino: Please try to add Wi-fi settings manually on the device and check for the result.

Fadeel: Ever since this update to 4.3 I've been having this issue and so have my sister. And it's not just with my router but anywhere I go. I restarted router, forgot the network and reconnected to it---got support from T-mobile and they referred me to samsung after saying it's clearly a software update issue

Santino: I understand you and appreciate your efforts to fix the issue on the device.

Santino: As you have already done with the basic troubleshooting steps and the phone still has the issues, as a last troubleshooting step, let us factory Reset on the phone to check whether the problem is with the Hardware or software of the mobile.

Santino: Before providing the steps, I would like to inform you that factory reset will erase all the data on the mobile and restore it to the factory settings.

Santino: Are you comfortable with it?\

Fadeel: Oh yes, and yes---a factory reset was done. Had to re-download every app

Fadeel: I thought a factory reset would resolve it at first after researching the issue in forums---but it didn't

Santino: I am sorry to hear that.

Santino: In this case, I recommend you contact nearest Samsung Experience Store at Best Buy to re-flash the device software to fix the issue.

Santino: You can also send the device to Samsung service, where our technician will examine the phone and fix the issue.

Fadeel: Will I have to pay for this service at the store?

Santino: No, re-flashing the device will be free of cost.

Fadeel: ok

Fadeel: and if this does not work---what should I do

Santino: I am positive this should fix the issue; However, if the device is sent to service the device software will be re-flashed.

Santino: It will take 2 business  days to receive the device and 5-7 business  days to service the device and 2 business days to ship the device.

Fadeel: ok

Fadeel: I hope so :-)

Fadeel: Well thank you. I will do this

Santino: You're welcome.

Santino: Please refer the link below to locate nearest Samsung Experience Stores available.



Help :

I can't access wi-fi internet after update what should I do?


Ever since the update, my Wifi is almost non-existent and battery life has shortened, will there be a fix for this?  especially for the Wifi.  


can you please tell me when the Galaxy s3 (KSA) International version will receive 4.3 update?


problem  only edge netword  E///////   no good i used simple mobile help pleaseeeeeeeee


What about 4.3 update for T-MOBILE GT-N7100 NOTE 2


I've made the memory card as my default storage for camera/video.  

Is there anyway to create a new folder on the card? When in Gallery & I click to make one, it does so on the device (phone). 

I've tried plugging it into my computer, but it keeps giving me a notice: "Can't access device storage.  If your device's screen is locked, disconnect its USB cable, unlock your scree, and then reconnect the USB cable."  If you click the OK button, then the whole thing disappears.  In the meantime the android file transfer has changed screens to display CARD instead of Phone. 

HELP!!!!  (SGH-T999 using 4.3)


Well well, my S3 (T mobile/EE) had the battery being drained like hell.... and now I cannot switch it back on. In fact EE is asking for £110 to get it started again. Not happy at all! Paying the contract and have no phone.... I ve lost everything! Wondering how Samsung can get this fixed!


what about the 4.3 update for GT-I9305????


what about the 4.3 update for gt -19300(galaxy s3) ?


What about the galaxy tab 3 7.0!


The T999 is the T-Mobile S3, not the note.2


@Adam Lange @Jamison904 No worries. Kind of funny how Tmo released 4.3 for the S3 before the S4. There are going to be some pissed M919 owners. 


@Jamison904my friend you sir are awesome !! and might i add every where !! are you an ANDROID on the low and just not telling us HAH!! thanks for all you do brother take care ( @krazierokz from XDA )

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